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Monday, 26 January 2015

Superhero Soap Opera Episode 1: Bruce Wayne (Batman) confesses a secret to fiancee Selina Kyle (Catwoman) ... by DGN Productions and The Happy Couple's Blueprint

Hello hello hello!

As promised, above is the Superhero Soap Opera (or SSO...).

Note: This video is a little too long - we were still learning what we were going to do, so I won't be offended if you skip this one and go straight to episode 2 or 3.

The SSO is a fanfiction series based around the characters in the DC Comics universe. If you would like to follow the series, subscribe here (and get on the waiting list for my upcoming comic!)

In Episode 1 of the Superhero Soap Opera, Bruce Wayne confesses a secret to fiancee Selina Kyle.

The series was created by me, Daniel Grant Newton, and Anabel of The Happy Couple's Blueprint

Anabel is a relationship expert, and will be utilising the stories as a platform to educate couples on how to better their relationships. 

You can get her relationship tips here: http://happycouplesblueprint.com/the-superhero-soap-opera-episode-1-bruce-comes-clean-to-selina/

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