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Monday, 19 January 2015

I'm launching a project I've been secretly working on... Superhero Soap Opera! (DC Comics Fan Fiction and Free Relationship Education Tool)

In Episode One of Superhero Soap Opera, Bruce Wayne reveals a secret to his fiancee Selina Kyle.

Hey hey hey! ... Just thought I'd share some awesome news with you ... because, awesomeness. 

Next week I am launching a 12 week fan fiction soap opera parody using the DC Universe and its figurines.  It will be aptly called 'Superhero Soap Opera'.

The videos will predominately follow two couples preparing for marriage: Bruce Wayne (Batman) and Selina Kyle (Catwoman), and Clark Kent (Superman) and Diana Prince (Wonder Woman).

Also, I've teamed up with Anabel Newton from The Happy Couple's Blueprint team, who is a relationship expert and will give her professional advice to the characters, like commentators of your favourite sport at the half-time and full-time marks. So not only will you be entertained, you'll also get educated on how to improve your relationships, particularly of the romantic variety. 

Put it in your calendars. Next week, prepare for awesome.  And if you haven't already, subscribe to ensure you get each addictive episode.

(Of course, these videos are not for any commercial purposes. I don't own the rights to these great characters - they are owned by the awesomeness that is DC Comics and Warner Brothers.  Hopefully though, from watching my videos, you'll see how cool their characters are and check out their comics, animated movies and merchandise.)

P.S. Oh, and if you're a Freaky Freaky Fridays fan, do not worry, it'll not disrupt your regular Friday adventures.

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