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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Superman Painting Photo Diary by Daniel Grant Newton

Hey again,

One fine member of our blog family sent me a note to say that they liked seeing the process of a painting I previously did (always love emails from readers PS!).  So I thought I'd post another one.

This painting is one I did for my nephew as a birthday gift.  It's of Superman, who I obviously do not have any rights to, otherwise I'd be laughing in the bank with the bank manager, and taking cheesy photos of me cutting ribbons to new theme parks I had built with my mountains of money.

Anyway, here is my photo diary of my painting.

Stage One: the sketching it all out.

Stage Two: the under work.

Stage Three: allowing it to slowly take form, and coffee staining it for effect.

Finally, the Superman painting by Daniel Grant Newton. 

Note: After taking this photo I had to change the copy under 'BREAKING NEWS' to be more child-friendly, but this is essentially what it looks like.

Close up of the face in Daniel Grant Newton's Superman painting.