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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Freaky Freaky Fridays Episode #2 (Web Comic): The Chalice of Condroodoo

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Good morning!

Hope your week has been flying high and you are ready for another 'Freaky Freaky Fridays' adventure!

If you are, sit down with a tea or a coffee, or a water, or an imaginary drink, and enjoy...

(Just make sure you are not drinking from a cursed mug.)

Daniel :-)

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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Introducing a new weekly web comic - a 'Phantasmagorical Punk' web comic by me - Daniel Grant Newton

Salut friend!

Thought I'd write to you, my blessed and bodacious blog follower, to tell you of a new web comic (or webcomic as some refer to it), that I'm launching next Friday.

Well, it could be your Thursday, or your Saturday, depending where on this beautiful blue and green planet you hail from.

However, for me, it'll be posted on Fridays, and hence I've called the web comic "Freaky Freaky Friday" so you'll remember when to check back if you like it.  I'll even call one of the characters "Friday" to make it even easier for you to remember ... even though she'll no doubt not like being called that.  But that is the omnipresent power I have as the writer and illustrator of her world.

I'm not sure on what you'd call the style.  It's sort of ... hard to define.  But I think I'll call it 'Phantasmagorical Punk'.  Or I guess you could be boring and call it 'comic fantasy' like someone with dad pants and suspenders would.  And I'm not talking about cool ironic suspenders either.

Anyway, without further jibber jabber, click here to have the two protagonists introduce themselves.

And subscribe like a boss at the top of the page so you don't miss any episodes.

- Daniel :-)