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Monday, 26 January 2015

Superhero Soap Opera Episode 1: Bruce Wayne (Batman) confesses a secret to fiancee Selina Kyle (Catwoman) ... by DGN Productions and The Happy Couple's Blueprint

Hello hello hello!

As promised, above is the Superhero Soap Opera (or SSO...).

The SSO is a fanfiction series based around the characters in the DC Comics universe. If you would like to follow the series, subscribe here (and get on the waiting list for my upcoming comic!)

In Episode 1 of the Superhero Soap Opera, Bruce Wayne confesses a secret to fiancee Selina Kyle.

The series was created by me, Daniel Grant Newton, and Anabel of The Happy Couple's Blueprint

Anabel is a relationship expert, and will be utilising the stories as a platform to educate couples on how to better their relationships. 

You can get her relationship tips here: http://happycouplesblueprint.com/the-superhero-soap-opera-episode-1-bruce-comes-clean-to-selina/

Friday, 23 January 2015

Episode #17 of Freaky Freaky Fridays (Web Comic): The Ancient Greyness ... by Daniel Grant Newton

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Happy Freaky Freaky Friday!  Hope you've had a great week, will have a great weekend, and enjoy this week's episode of your favourite webcomic (which you will because only funky people like you read this blog, and it is now scientifically proven with test tubes and beakers and lab coats that funky people love Freaky Freaky Fridays, so... science). Your friend, Daniel

What a cliffhanger!!  Is it time to say goodbye to a character (Selena) that Thea and Friday have grown so close to?  Or will she join the creative force needed to defeat the Greyness?  And greyness, ew.  Subscribe (by clicking here) to find out, and to get on the waiting list for my new comic coming this year.


Missed last week's episode?  Click here.

Want to go back to the start of this story arc?  Click here.

Want to experience last year's Christmas Special again?  Click here.

Or go back to the very start? Click here.

Monday, 19 January 2015

I'm launching a project I've been secretly working on... Superhero Soap Opera! (DC Comics Fan Fiction and Free Relationship Education Tool)

In Episode One of Superhero Soap Opera, Bruce Wayne reveals a secret to his fiancee Selina Kyle.

Hey hey hey! ... Just thought I'd share some awesome news with you ... because, awesomeness. 

Next week I am launching a 12 week fan fiction soap opera parody using the DC Universe and its figurines.  It will be aptly called 'Superhero Soap Opera'.

The videos will predominately follow two couples preparing for marriage: Bruce Wayne (Batman) and Selina Kyle (Catwoman), and Clark Kent (Superman) and Diana Prince (Wonder Woman).

Also, I've teamed up with Anabel Newton from The Happy Couple's Blueprint team, who is a relationship expert and will give her professional advice to the characters, like commentators of your favourite sport at the half-time and full-time marks. So not only will you be entertained, you'll also get educated on how to improve your relationships, particularly of the romantic variety. 

Put it in your calendars. Next week, prepare for awesome.  And if you haven't already, subscribe to ensure you get each addictive episode.

(Of course, these videos are not for any commercial purposes. I don't own the rights to these great characters - they are owned by the awesomeness that is DC Comics and Warner Brothers.  Hopefully though, from watching my videos, you'll see how cool their characters are and check out their comics, animated movies and merchandise.)

P.S. Oh, and if you're a Freaky Freaky Fridays fan, do not worry, it'll not disrupt your regular Friday adventures.

Friday, 9 January 2015

Episode #15 of Freaky Freaky Fridays (Web Comic): The Strange Past of Selena Cyclops ... by Daniel Grant Newton

Hey hey hey!  

Get your grappling hook, samurai sword and ninja stars ready, because today is the beginning of a spanking brand new Freaky Freaky Fridays adventure.

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Otherwise, scroll down, young Shogun.

Daniel :-)

Friday Trivia: Usually I give characters names that are riddles of their role in the story, but not so with the three protagonists in this story.  

Selena Cyclops was named after Selina Kyle, Catwoman. Anyone who knows me well knows I love Batman and the entire Batman world.

Thea was named after Thea Queen, Green Arrow's sister in 'Arrow', because I love the Green Arrow world and TV show too. 

And Friday was named after the day the webcomic comes out each week, so that you'll remember what day to get excited about :-P ...

Actually, there is a little more depth to it than that. Freya, the Nordic Goddess the girls refer to when they say "Oh my Freya", is thought to be (along with Frigg) the name that Friday is derived from. She is one kick ass Goddess, and embodies all of the awesomeness that our three girls do.

It's Freaky Freaky Fridays webcomic time!

Click here to go to the next episode...

Can you guess which comic I parodied this week? Put your guess in the comments below, or if you're stumped, wait until next week and I'll reveal it :-)

Oh, and by the way, if you want to make sure you:

- get a copy of my comic when it comes out (I have to make this a limited offer, so get in quick!), 

- as well as ensuring you don't miss out on Freaky Freaky Fridays episodes 

- and exclusive subscriber only content 

... then click here and let us know where to send it all!

Monday, 5 January 2015

Holy Fake Photos, Batman! Used my Bat Photoshop to Create Images out of the Adam West and Burt Ward 1960s Batman Series...

In celebration of the end of Batman's 75th Anniversary Year, and the release of the classic series on DVD, I have created some cheeky photoshopped images of Adam West, Burt Ward, and their supporting cast.  Oh, and I threw in Wonder Woman and Clark Kent for good measure.  Enjoy!

The Riddler confounds chess champion Bobby Fischer
while proclaiming to the crowd it is checkmate.
Eartha Kitt amuses Catwoman.
Charlie Chaplin, The Joker and Buster Keaton.
Mr. Freeze gives a chilling forecast for Great Britain.

Daily Planet reporter Clark Kent interviews the Wright Brothers after first successful flight.
Old friends Alphonse "Scarface" Capone and
Oswald "Penguin" Cobblepot talk business.
Wonder Woman standing up for women's right to vote with the suffragettes in Britain.
Batgirl tries her wing at being a matador.
Batman and Robin race and eventually
lose to sprinter Ben Johnson.
Bonnie and Clyde and Catwoman.

And finally, a little bonus because I thought world's greatest painting needed world's greatest heroes...

Michelangelo's 'Creation of Adam' with Batman and Superman...