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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Chpt. 13 - Don't Shoot the Messenger by Daniel Grant Newton (The Free Story currently showing at the best blog near you)

For the previous chapters of Daniel Grant Newton's free time traveling book, Don't Shoot the Messenger, click below:

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“Still on guard?” whispered Irene, a slim silhouette moving toward Jude.  “They won't find us out here.  Especially with the way you hid our tracks.  And even if they did, I don't think they could get to us with the amount of traps you set around the perimeter of this campsite.  You definitely did a thorough job in protecting us.”
“You should be in bed,” Jude stated, peering out into the night.  We’ve got a big day tomorrow, and I need you to be alert.  So don’t argue or I’ll pick you up and put you to bed myself.
“I would go to bed but … to tell you the truth, I am buzzing.  I won’t be able to get to sleep for a while now,” Irene said.  She moved her head to catch Jude's line of vision.  “Yēšûă is an amazing man, you know, especially for his time.  I could've listened to him into all hours of the morning reveal the true meaning of his teachings.  Mystical meanings that are being suppressed in this time, as they are in our time. 
“In his world it is the Jewish Rabbis and Roman Empire suppressing the words of spiritual empowerment.  In our world it is the Vatican and other religious organisations protecting their establishments and control.  I've fought tooth and nail to get access to some of the manuscripts hidden away from the public, but tonight I had the most famous mystic of them all explain the wonders hidden in the Jewish faith.”  She paused and brushed some dirt off Jude's shoulder.  “It might be all a bunch of hocus pocus guru talk, but listening to him, and the message, I know that it's worth it.  We are doing the right thing, Jude.”
Jude straightened his back and grinned.  “Don't go all mystical on me now.  I liked the cynical, sarcastic doctor with the dry humour and quirky style.  Next you’ll be giving me respect.”
Irene gave Jude a half smile, and looked to her feet.  This half smile grew to a full blown grin when she realised she’d forgotten to change the one piece of fashionable clothing she’d ever bought, her Kitty Croquet shoes.  She should’ve been wearing 1st Century sandals, not 21st Century floral flats.
It was unlike her to miss a detail like that.  She mused that perhaps Jude had somehow got to her subconscious before she had an inkling of it. 
“Don't worry, Mr. Stone.  You are stuck with my cynicism, sarcasm and ‘spectacular humour’,” she responded, lifting her chin.
Jude's eyes fixated on Irene.  He traced a scarred hand down the side of her soft face.  “Good.  I like that about you."
The doctor swallowed a lump in her throat.  “I'm pretty sure you don't, because nobody does, it is annoying, and...”  Her voice trailed off.
I do.  I like it.
She tried to speak, but no words came out, so Jude added, "and I like you."
Irene searched Jude's eyes and her breathing quickened.  She shakily pawed at her thick hair.  “We would be terrible together.  Be realistic, Jude, what sort of relationship would we make?  Two polar opposites with nothing in common, excuse the tautology, who don't want, have or like relationships.”
Jude faced back out into the darkness.  “It would put us both in unnecessary danger, too.  Spider, he...”
Irene slowly moved into Jude, their eyes analysing each other.
“So why can't we follow the obvious logic and say good night...”
Jude let a grin fall upon his face, barely visible in the desert night.  With a good night kiss?  And then just leave it at that.
She shook her head.  "Maybe ... a ... handshake ... but ..."
Their heads turned to the side and they kissed.  She cradled his cheeks with her cold ring-clad fingers, and he held her waist against him.

Click here for Chapter 14...

Hey, by the way, don't know whether you got this message already, but here's what I was hoping you could do for me if you like this book.  I am giving away Don't Shoot the Messenger for free because I think it is a great story (bias I know!) that some people out there would love.  Thing is, I am not sure who they are - well, there's you, my mum and David Hasselhoff, but that's all I know for sure.  So, if you know anyone who would like this book, please send them the trailer or the first chapter.  After all, a great story is only great when it is read.  Thanks.  :-)

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Chpt. 12 - Don't Shoot the Messenger (the free story currently on this blog)

For the previous chapters of Daniel Grant Newton's free time traveling book, Don't Shoot the Messenger, click below:

Chapter 1      Chapter 2      Chapter 3      Chapter 4      Chapter 5      Chapter 6      Chapter 7      Chapter 8      Chapter 9      Chapter 10      Chapter 11

At night in the desert, the temperatures sometimes reached chilling point, and it was too dark to see very well, so most people stayed in doors.  Two figures however were out, stumbling through the village.
Irene struggled to break out of Jude's grip, but he held her firm and pulled her along.
“You can't kill Yēšûă,” she screamed, hitting him in the face and chest with the arm he wasn't holding.  “Turn back and abort this mission.  You know it is not right to kill him.”
“Shut up,” he said firmly.  “If you know what's best for you, you'll do as I say.”
“You are a robot, dead to the world,” she screamed.  “I had you wrong.  You are nothing more than a machine.”
She tried punching him in the face, but he grappled with her and put her in a lock.
“I need you with me so it doesn’t raise suspicion with Maria,” Jude said in a calm, hushed voice.  “There has been a slight spanner in the works, but hopefully this will all be over very soon and you can get back to your life in the 21st Century.”
“Let go,” she said, her voice quivering.  “I will not do this.  You'll have to kill me and drag my bullet ridden corpse to Maria.”
“You do not understand,” he said, pulling her into him as she tried to push away.  “There is more to this than meets the eye.
“If you cooperate, you can live a safe, long life with your work, half-finished movies and long-distance family, and forget any of this happened.  But if you don't, let’s just say it won't be good for you.”
“What's that suppose to mean?”
“It means if you don't shut up, you might wind up dead.”
“Are you threatening me?” she asked, her nostrils flaring.
“I would never threaten you.  I'm warning you,” said Jude, his jaw twitching.  “Until we're in there with Yēšûă they'll be watching our every step.”  He paused and gave a small nod to the rooftops around the street.  “We have been trained to ensure the mission is a success no matter what we think is right, or at what cost.”
She spat on his face.
“Now play along, Doctor Hadar, like the good little Hebrew girl from the 1st Century you are meant to be,” he said, taking a heavy, silver pistol from underneath his cloak and placing it against her spine.  “I am doing this for your safety.  I have no desire to hurt you.  My intentions are quite the opposite.  In fact, I am looking forward to struggling through your next periodical article.  I would even get a subscription to the magazines if I had an actual address.”
“Screw you.  The way you cowboys work there won’t be any history to write about,” she snapped.
Jude opened the wooden door to the carpenter's workshop and closed it behind him.
The room was empty except for Maria.  She signalled for them not to speak, before pointing out the windows to indicate people are listening.  She then signalled for them to follow her.
They followed into a back room, where she then fell on her knees and guided her hand over the smooth stone flooring.  When she found a groove in the floor, she pulled at it, and revealed an entry to an underground tunnel.
Jude and Irene followed Maria through a series of tight twists and turns in pitch darkness, before finally coming into a small chamber lit by lanterns.
In the middle of the room sat Yēšûă on a cushion, surrounded by a few men.
He beamed at them as he had done that afternoon to the people in the crowd, and signalled for them to sit by his side.
The light of the lanterns danced upon his face and beard, giving him an ethereal feel.  He spoke to them in Aramaic, using slow gestures.
“What is he saying?” asked Jude, scrutinising the dark hallways leading into the chamber.
“Why should I tell you?” snarled Irene.  "I'm going to tell him why we've come."
Yēšûă cocked his head to the side and creased his brow.  He tried to soothe the young doctor.
“You're right, I don't need to know what he is saying.  I just need to do what I came down here to do.”  Said Jude, pulling out his pistol into the open.  “Ask him which tunnel leads to the temple?”
“What?” Irene blurted.
“Ask him.  We have less than a minute.”
“Before what?”
“Before Spider and the team come into this tunnel and kill us all.”
“If I were Spider, I wouldn't be confident that I was going to kill Yēšûă, so I'd send the team down to ensure the job gets done,” said Jude, bowing his head down into an entry and looking up.  “And if we haven't killed Yēšûă, which I never had the intention of doing, then I'd kill the both of us too.  I'm guessing that he is thinking like that since he had two of the team shadow us right up until we came into the tunnels.”
“You don't have any intention of killing Yēšûă?”
“No.”  Jude said simply, peering into Irene's deep brown eyes.  “Ask him the question, Irene.”
She translated the question, and explained the situation.
Maria and the other followers heads turned from one entry to the next, their eyes alert.  They pulled daggers from their robes.
Yēšûă pointed to the exit for Jude, before addressing his followers.  He spoke softly and rhythmically.
Slowly the followers put away their daggers.
“He told them that they should have no fear for they are children of God,” Irene said.  “And that those with faith will find shelter and protection in their darkest hours.”
Jude aimed his pistol at the roof of the tunnel heading up to the temple and fired a number of shots. 
Bang!  Bang!  Bang!  Bang!  Bang!
The followers of Yēšûă gasped, and one spoke as he looked on with wide eyes.
The dark rocks and mud collapsed, blocking the entry.
Jude then reloaded his pistol and repeated this with the tunnel leading back to the carpenter's workshop.
“Ask Maria if there is anywhere safe for Yēšûă and his followers to stay for the night.  Somewhere with a fair amount of space around it for me to set booby traps and to monitor approaching soldiers.  We will move tomorrow in the daytime, and use the crowd to mask our movements.”
“If I wasn't scared I'd catch something nasty, I'd kiss you again right now,” sighed Irene.  "You had me going.  Don't ever do that again."
“I can't make any promises, doctor,” the soldier chuckled, peering down the various entry tunnels and checking for life signals on an electric tablet.
“We need to move,” ordered Jude.  "They're closing in on us."
“Do we have a chance?” she asked.
“We have one advantage,” he responded, giving Irene his pistol and pulling out a submachine gun from under his cloak.
“What advantage?”
“They've only been here two days, but you've studied places like this your whole life,” he said.
“I see, so we'll be able to use my knowledge of the terrain against them.”
“Yeah, you're quickly becoming a military tactician, Doctor Hadar.”
“I've read Sun Tzu's The Art of War,” she shrugged.  “And played World of Warcraft many a lonely night.”
Yēšûă raised a hand and spoke.
“He said walk in faith and the path will be lit by God,” translated Irene.  “Or something to that effect anyway.”
“Believe me, I'm throwing a Hail Mary here,” Jude muttered.
Irene translated Jude's earlier orders for finding a safe-house, and Maria nodded.  She began scampering up a tunnel, and gesturing for everyone to follow her.

Click here to read Chapter 13 of the greatest book since The Last King of Shambhala, now available at any good online book store ... 

Hey, by the way, don't know whether you got this message already, but here's what I was hoping you could do for me if you like this book.  I am giving away Don't Shoot the Messenger for free because I think it is a great story (bias I know!) that some people out there would love.  Thing is, I am not sure who they are - well, there's you, my mum and David Hasselhoff, but that's all I know for sure.  So, if you know anyone who would like this book, please send them the trailer or the first chapter.  After all, a great story is only great when it is read.  Thanks.  :-)

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Chpt. 11 - Don't Shoot the Messenger

For the previous chapters of Daniel Grant Newton's free book, Don't Shoot the Messenger, click below:

Chapter 1      Chapter 2      Chapter 3      Chapter 4      Chapter 5      Chapter 6      Chapter 7      Chapter 8      Chapter 9      Chapter 10

“Impossible,” growled Jude, pacing back and forth the small room he and Irene were staying in.  “We've been sent back in time to kill Jesus Christ?”
The doctor and the entire team sat in silence.
“Why on Earth would Alexander send us back to kill Jesus Christ?” Jude howled.  “Are you absolutely sure it is him?”
Irene nodded.  “As much as I hate to admit it, it seems very likely.  Same period.  Same location.  I mean, Yēšûă is a very common name at this time, but it also happens to be the Hebrew name given for Jesus.  I suspected as much when I began delving into the material Alexander provided on your target.  And then he goes and says that - straight from the Gospel of Thomas.  That confirms it.  He has to be Jesus.” 
She searched the faces in the room and continued.  “And the Maria we met, or Mary, is also a very common name, but there were quite a few Mary's who were close followers of Jesus, including Mary Magdalene, Mary of Bethany, Mary of Clopas.  And of course his mother, the Virgin Mary, although that woman was much too young to be his mother.”
“That does sound like mounting evidence,” muttered Spider.
“That is the real reason I came on this trip – to confirm my suspicions, and talk you boys out of it,” she said.
“Couldn't it just be another teacher of the time?” asked Jude.  “The name could be a coincidence, you did say it was common, and they could both just be spouting the same old wisdom of the time.  And, are we even sure Jesus Christ actually existed, let alone is right here right now?”

“There is significant evidence to suggest he did, Mr. Stone,” Irene said flatly.  “More accounts than other historical figures we take for granted to have existed.  Mind you, these other people are more believable because they don't claim to walk on water before turning it into wine.  The usual practice being walking on grapes, of course.  Followed by...”
“Does it matter whether it is Jesus or not?” Spider spat, standing up and throwing his tattooed arms in the air.  “Killing someone in history has never been a problem for any one of us bar little miss know-it-all over there.  I mean nobody would be here, changing the past, if they believed in God or the bible or any of that.  There is no God.  He ain't the son of God.  And if he were, then he could use his magic powers to stop us, right?”
Irene shook her head.  “I may think the prospect of God or a man who performs miracles is very unlikely, but that doesn't mean I can't see the benefits of the Christian teachings.  Teachings that will surely die out if we were to kill him.”
“Good riddance to oppressive ideology,” scowled Spider.  “That is obviously why Alexander sent us back here.  We are here to stop that message from spreading like the plague and preventing the rot of social and scientific progress.
“You look in the bible and what do you see, justification for the crusades, for wars, for slavery, for murder, for anti-Semitism, and for abuse and torture.  What kind of message are you protecting?  I mean really, doctor, you know this better than all of us.  For God's sake.”
“What I know, Spider, is that human nature is human nature,” Irene started.  "People start wars, religion is only a vehicle, a tool, an excuse to dominate others for resources and power."
Spider groaned.  “Not that human nature bullshit argument.  Everything I said is as clear as day in the bible.
“And don't say that it did more good than bad either.  Alexander and his researchers are the ones with that hologram thing.  They can see what is best for the world.”
“I don't care what you say, killing Jesus is not going to prevent the awful acts justified by the bible from happening,” said Irene, raising her voice.  “But that's not Jesus' message anyway.  His message is of love, community spirit, inclusion, personal and social empowerment, forgiveness, tolerance and acceptance.  It was Jesus who spoke out against those acts you talk of, and in fact, Jesus who challenged the religious establishment of the time.  He wanted peace on the Earth.  His influence surely only had a positive effect on the world.” 
“He wanted peace on the Earth?” Spider sniggered, looking at each of his fellow soldiers.  “My mum sent me to Sunday school because it was a cheap babysitter while she went out dating different men each week, and that's where I learned atheism. 
“I remember two quotes from the 'Prince of Peace' which made me wonder whether I was the only one in class actually listening to this bile.  
“The first says something like, 'I didn't come to the Earth to bring peace.  I didn't bring peace, but brought a sword.  I came to divide every family and set them against each other.  He who doesn't love me more than his children and his parents isn't deserving of me.  Let go of your life and follow me blindly.  Amen.'
“The second says something like, 'I have come to cast fire upon the Earth, and I wish the planet was already burning.'  Then it goes on about dividing people, hating everybody including yourself and your own life, and setting everyone against each other.  And finally instructs people to 'sell their coat and buy a sword.  Bla bla bla let's blow yourself and everybody else up.  Amen.'  Sounds like a message that breeds terrorism to me.  Just as the report we were given said.”
“I know the passages you talk of,” stated Irene.  “They are from the Gospel of Luke and the Gospel of Matthew.  But when the passages are understood in context, understanding the occult Hebrew symbolism of the time, they are actually passages of personal transformation.  The bible in my opinion can be split into three areas: the law of the time, a documentation of the history, and a manual for self-transformation, often using allegory.  This is the latter.
“These passages, I believe, warn that when you challenge the way most of society think, you will come up against opposition, even in your family.  They state that if you hold strong to these ideals you will find heaven on Earth.  A change in ideas can change the world around you.
“The reason Jesus was saying that he is not bringing peace, is because he was coming to stir the pot with a metaphorical sword, and create an ideological change.  He was telling his followers to be strong, and take the ideas of peace and love to the people with a metaphorical sword. 
“A sword that cuts through the status quo.  You must remember that at this time in history life was filled with much more terror than the world we know - at least in most places around the world.  That might be a ‘metaphysical’ interpretation, but it is the only one that makes sense.”
She added under her breath: “If you want to kill anyone, kill Emperor Constantine and all those who attended the Meeting of Nicea.  He was the one who first used Jesus' teachings to enslave the population, and outlawed and buried the 'heretical' teachings of empowerment.”
“And your research tells you that?  Or that’s what you want to believe?” hissed Spider.  “It seems like a long bow to draw, and an interpretation that was lost on millions of people since.”
Irene shrugged.  “Well, maybe we can ask him himself.  But if this wasn't his meaning, then Jesus must be the most bipolar man in history, because it goes against everything else he is supposed to have preached.”
Spider grunted.  “Whether or not there is a hidden meaning behind the words that we do not understand in the 21st Century, it was and is still responsible for atrocity after atrocity.”
She paused, her curly dark hair bouncing as she took in quick, deep breaths.  “It was never the bible that created the wars or the torture, but mankind ... our greed, perceived lack of resources, fear of others, innate animal aggression.  If there wasn't a bible, they'd be using something else to sway the masses.”
Spider laughed and shook his head.  “Don't get me wrong, I am not so ignorant to say that the teachings of the bible were the sole reason.  Naturally, human instincts and desires have their place.  But convincing the masses to do something awful is a lot easier thanks to this little phrase, 'it says to do it in the bible'.  You'd be hard pressed to find any more used excuse for these acts.”
“I never knew you were so passionate about this stuff,” laughed Zhang, an ex-commando, leaning against the wall.  "Especially for someone whose day job is killing people."
“I'm here to do my job, and if that means proving this bitch wrong, then so be it.  Some noob who lives in her books instead of the real world won't get in the way of this mission now,” Spider roared.  “The research team have done months of investigation into the effects of taking Jesus out of history, and they believe it will be an absolute certain positive effect.  And I agree.  Getting rid of Christianity will get rid of half the atrocities of the past two thousand years.
“But you know what?  It doesn't matter what this guy did in my books.  Our orders are our orders.  As a soldier, we follow them, and hope that the guys at the top know what they're bloody well doing.”  Spider got right in Irene's face.  “Tell me, sweetheart, is there any good reason at all why we should go against orders and not kill him?  Hey?  Why your quick assessment and ethic dilemma should be valued over months of solid research from scientists with much better qualifications and brains than you?”
“First, they don’t have better qualifications or brains than me.  Second, you shouldn’t just follow someone because they are supposedly more qualified to think.”  Irene looked at the hardened faces in the room.  “What I find disconcerting is that I'm the only one here who thinks we shouldn't kill Jesus Christ.  This is ridiculous.  Think for yourselves for once, guys.”
“There is a good reason not to kill him,” said Jude, staring at the back of his hands that rested on his knees.  “I lived in a shanty town run by a drug lord in Brazil.  The easy option was to get into the drug world in some way. 
“Christianity seemed to be the only thing that gave people the faith and strength to choose another option.  The church also was the only organization I knew of going deep into the favelas to help street kids get over some of the worst drug addictions you’ll ever see. 
"These people weren't soldiers.  These were ordinary people.  Ordinary people showing extraordinary bravery because they had something to believe in.”
Spider stood still with wide eyes, a furrowed brow and a gaping mouth.
Jude continued: “As Doctor Hadar said, you don't have to be Christian to see the value the belief system brought to the world.  You just have to look past the history books, and to the millions upon millions of cases where Christianity has helped the individual.  You can't measure that.”  He paused.  “And it doesn't seem right to kill a man who had this same bravery in preaching peace during very violent times.”
The room was silent.
“Are you meaning to tell me you are agreeing with Doctor Hadar?” Spider said.  “I knew you were a bit of a loose canon, but this...  Nobody else is buying into this quack, are they?”
There were murmurings in the room and the shaking of heads.
“I never said I wouldn't kill him,” Jude said.  “Our orders are to kill him, so we will.  I've never cared about our targets or the reasons behind our missions before, why should I now?  I'm here to do my job, and so I will.”  He paused.  “I was just saying the doctor wasn't a nut job.  But it would pay, Doctor Hadar, to keep your pretty mouth shut on this theoretical debate so we can do our job and make the hit.”
Spider grinned and made a cartoonish sigh of relief.  “You never cease to surprise me, mate.  We'll go ahead as planned.  Tonight Jude will spill Jesus' blood.”

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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Book Trailer and Promo for Don't Shoot the Messenger

Hey again!

Just a quick note from me to you.  I've put up a promo page for Don't Shoot the Messenger with a book trailer and I wanted to share it with you.  You can marvel at it by clicking the big link below:

Don't Shoot the Messenger Promo Page

Also, I will post another book trailer with the lovely singing and guitar of (the artist currently known as) Anabel soon.  (You might remember her from my animation video).

That trailer, however, I will keep especially for you - my blog readers - and won't post it up on the promo page. So keep your eyes peeled. Figuratively peeled. Naturally.

Anyway, I hope you are enjoying the online book. I have the second half of the book ready to go up, and will continue posting very, very, very soon. Possibly even very, very, very, very soon if you are good.

Santa is watching.  (He's at your window... nothing creepy.)


P.S. The promo page address is: www.Dont-Shoot-The-Messenger-The-Book.blogspot.com

Sunday, 14 October 2012

You know you are famous when someone hacks your blog...

Me with some little known celebrity called Robbie Williams ... or a replica of him anyway.  And a replica of me.

To my readers old and new:

There is a saying about making lemons into lemonade.  Well, that was what I was trying to do with the headline above.  Figuratively make lemonade.  Not literally.  I'm not getting into the lemonade business!  The five year old on the corner will always undercut you.

Today, I think - could've been yesterday, my blog was hacked into.  So, I lost all my stats (which as any blogger knows, is like stealing someone's second favourite child!).  Which means I lost the most popular section to your right, and any knowledge of what you guys actually like on my blog.

And worse, someone put some stupid ad at the bottom.  THAT - I am sorry for!  I had no affiliation to the link, and if you saw it, then never buy whatever it was selling.  I deleted it before I looked.  I prefer to do my organ enlargements, Nigerian royalty deals, and Rolex buying via email anyway.

So, I've picked up the pieces and tried to reconstruct the blog the best I can, and turned the page to The Last King of Shambhala 2.0.  But then realised you can't turn pages on the computer.  And then I realised that I have probably been a little too dramatic about all this.  

There are other important things in the world.  Like feeding the children, creating social businesses, curing diseases, and making sure you never leave the milk out on the counter.

Normal programming will commence soon...


Saturday, 6 October 2012

Chpt. 10 of my free Sci-Fi Fantasy Story - Don't Shoot the Messenger

Here are the previous chapters to the best fantasy book since The Last King of Shambhala (available at any good online book store):
Chapter 1   Chapter 2   Chapter 3   Chapter 4   Chapter 5   Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9

A 'standing room only' crowd squished into the town square. They stretched their necks up to see Yēšûă as he arrived with his followers and camels.

Jude, Irene and the team mingled within the crowd, trying to weave their way to the front.

When Yēšûă eventually came into view it was met by a large cheer from the crowd, and they pushed towards him, and gave him pats on the back. If Roman soldiers had been present, there would have been no question as to which man of the traveling party was their target.

His appearance was not unlike any other young man of the time, nothing striking or different. Except perhaps his skin was darker, having clearly seen much more sun, his shoes were well worn from endless travel, and his free-flowing jet black hair and dishevelled beard was tangled and in need of care.

He made his way closer and closer to where the team stood, stopping regularly to impart words to someone from the crowd and look into their eyes with a serene gaze.

When he was mere metres away, a beggar woman tugged at his arm and began to cry. He smiled warmly at her.

The peasant wailed and fell to her knees. He answered her in a very casual manner, addressing his response to the whole crowd. He then hugged her and moved onward with his arm around her.

“What did he say?” asked Jude, noticing the crease forming between Irene's eyebrows.

Irene translated for the team. “She said she is a poor woman and asked him to pray to God above for riches. He replied:

“If those who lead you say to you, 'See, the kingdom is in the sky,' then the birds of the sky will precede you. If they say to you, 'It is in the sea,' then the fish will precede you. Rather, the kingdom is inside of you, and it is outside of you. When you come to know yourselves, then you will become known, and you will realise that it is you who are the sons of the living father. But if you will not know yourselves, you dwell in poverty and it is you who are that poverty.

“That's a quote attributed to Jesus Christ in the Gospel According to Thomas - a non-canonical scripture discovered in the Nag Hammadi library, in Egypt.”

“Is he quoting Jesus Christ, or is it common theology?” asked Jude.

The fanfare seemed to disappear as Yēšûă moved down the road.

“I don't think he is quoting Jesus Christ,” said Irene turning to the soldiers. “It is too early for people to be quoting Jesus.” She paused, and although the revelation visibly washed over their faces, she said it anyway.

“He is Jesus Christ.”

Read Chapter 11 by clicking here ... if you like this story and my pictures, please pass it onto anyone you think would like it or put it on your Facebook wall. Peace!

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Chpt. 9 - Don't Shoot the Messenger

Here are the previous chapters to the best time travelling science fiction story since (assuming time is linear) Back to the Future, Doctor Who and Looper:
Chapter 1   Chapter 2   Chapter 3   Chapter 4   Chapter 5   Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8

The next morning, just as the first rays of sunshine peaked through the stone cut window, Jude stormed through door holding up a tattered piece of parchment.

He woke Irene up and handed her the parchment.

She groaned and looked at it with half open eyes. “It is from Maria. She says she has organised a meeting for us with Yēšûă. We are to meet her at the local carpenter's workshop near the well after his arrival through town.”

Jude smiled. “Excellent. We could be returning home before the day is over.”

Irene pressed her eyelids together and shook her head.

“That means I'll have to say goodbye to this dream and go back to looking at rocks,” she croaked. “I have such a headache from the alcohol last night. I can hardly remember anything from when we started drinking.”

“I'm sorry about you having to leave...” started Jude.

“About the kiss? No, I'm sorry,” Irene blurted, suddenly waking up and cutting him off. “That was completely inappropriate. I do stupid things when I am drunk, you should know.” She paused. “Yesterday was so crazy, in so many ways, I guess the stress of it all and the alcohol just caught me off guard. I don't hold it well. Actually, I had already forgotten about it. So don't apologise.”

"You were very drunk... I thought nothing of the kiss." Jude gave her a half smile. “Anyway, we have just the morning together to explore this place, before we do what we came here to do, and get the hell out of here and go back to the 21st Century. So, my question is, where would a researcher of the ancient world like to go in 31 A.D.?”

Irene let herself breath and smile once more. “The temple? After all, the Abrahamic religions did become the backbone for much of the world's culture and development. Even though technically they may in fact be an offset themselves from an ancient Egyptian religion. But that's up to debate. And doesn't take away from the exceedingly amazing spectacle we will witness.”

“I was hoping you'd say the tavern for a drink, but sure, the temple sounds okay,” said Jude.


Irene and Jude wandered around the temple looking in at the bearded men chanting inside and the pidgins squawking on the stone steps leading to the entry.

As they passed one of the temple columns, someone grabbed them with an iron grip.

“Keeping a low profile, are you?” came a husky voice. It was Spider.

“I'm assuming there is a fantastic reason you have broken protocol and met us before the designated time,” spat Jude.

Spider led Jude and Irene away from the temple.

“That's a bit rich, Jude,” hissed Spider. “Considering your record of cowboy tactics and inability to follow orders.”

“It would be wise for you to recognise the chain of command right now,” Jude replied, breaking Spider's grip of his bicep.

Jude and Irene turned around to face Spider. They were now far away from the crowds and the temple.

“I hear from Coyote and Richards that you got into a bit of a scuffle last night. The few that could still stand in the morning looked as if they were reporting you to the Roman soldiers. But as you know, we can't speak gibberish like the doctor.” Spider lifted his chin and starred down at Jude. “I think the extra attention warrants a little dress down from the second-in-command. And a warning against any more stunts like that.”

Jude glared up at Spider. The two men towered over Irene, but at over seven foot, Spider could look down at almost anyone he came across.

“It was necessary to get information out of the thugs,” Jude growled. “What progress has the team made?”

Spider chuckled. “Zhang discovered a secret passage in the temple. We believe the rebels have a network of tunnels under this village that they use to ambush and hide from Roman soldiers. They will no doubt be keeping Joshua under guard there.”

“What I don't understand is why a Roman archer couldn't just take out Yēšûă when he comes into villages, and when he makes his speeches?” Jude admitted.

“According to the documents compiled by the research team, the villages he visits, and the times he talks, remain under wraps until the last minute. That is why we were only given one time to complete this task, and the details were a bit hazy. He probably has followers who move ahead and reveal each meeting point.” Spider shrugged his shoulders. “And perhaps they have the same worries as we do about turning him into a martyr. Perhaps they're also looking to kill him in private and dispose of his body so he 'just goes away'.”

Jude nodded. “I think we may have met one of his followers last night actually. A woman by the name of Maria. She invited us to meet at a certain location, from which we'll then be taken to meet the target.”

“This sounds a little too easy,” Spider said, his eyes darting about the marketplace. “How can she trust you?”

“I don't know, mate. All I know, is that she does. Get your team down the rabbit hole Zhang uncovered, and you can locate my whereabouts via tracking my signal.” Jude handed a tracking device to Spider. “If things get messy, you can come to finish the job.”

Spider sniggered and pat Jude on the back. “You are the type of nutter who'd willingly walk into something like that. Have you even got a plan?”

“To get out alive,” said Jude with a wink. “Thing is they want me to bring Irene. Might put her in unnecessary danger.”

“Sometimes sacrifices have to be made, mate, I believe it was you that taught me that,” Spider chuckled under his breath. He nodded at Irene who was watching the villagers walk past. "How is the doctor?"

“Doctor Hadar is fine. Like we discussed earlier, getting intel with her as a translator was much more easy. She's actually a good asset, in the end.”

“You've changed your bark. Not starting to like her, are you?” he smirked. “Fiesty women are usually alright in the sack. Nice rack, too. But whiney at breakfast if you stuck about.”

“You know I don't like the woman,” he answered. “I don't not like her, but I don't 'do' relationships with anyone. We can't be who we are and have connections.”

“Who said anything about a relationship?” Spider smirked, before moving off and being swallowed in the sea of people.

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