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Friday, 9 January 2015

Episode #15 of Freaky Freaky Fridays (Web Comic): The Strange Past of Selena Cyclops ... by Daniel Grant Newton

Hey hey hey!  

Get your grappling hook, samurai sword and ninja stars ready, because today is the beginning of a spanking brand new Freaky Freaky Fridays adventure.

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Otherwise, scroll down, young Shogun.

Daniel :-)

Friday Trivia: Usually I give characters names that are riddles of their role in the story, but not so with the three protagonists in this story.  

Selena Cyclops was named after Selina Kyle, Catwoman. Anyone who knows me well knows I love Batman and the entire Batman world.

Thea was named after Thea Queen, Green Arrow's sister in 'Arrow', because I love the Green Arrow world and TV show too. 

And Friday was named after the day the webcomic comes out each week, so that you'll remember what day to get excited about :-P ...

Actually, there is a little more depth to it than that. Freya, the Nordic Goddess the girls refer to when they say "Oh my Freya", is thought to be (along with Frigg) the name that Friday is derived from. She is one kick ass Goddess, and embodies all of the awesomeness that our three girls do.

It's Freaky Freaky Fridays webcomic time!

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Can you guess which comic I parodied this week? Put your guess in the comments below, or if you're stumped, wait until next week and I'll reveal it :-)

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  1. I am pretty sure I know, but I'll wait for next week.


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