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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

'On Either Side of the Whispering Wall' - Painting by Daniel Grant Newton (DGN Productions)

'On either side of the Whispering Wall' - Painting by Daniel Grant Newton (DGN Productions)'

A new painting this week.  I had the progress photos for this painting, but they mysteriously disappeared.  Maybe they are on the other side of a magic wall.  Maybe they slipped through the slits of time and space.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this painting, and it stimulates you to think and to imagine and to grow.  Yes, that is quite a hope, but let me let you in on a secret.  I hope all my artwork and stories inspires you to stimulate your imagination, growth and thinking.  That's the sort of big time dreamer I am.

Until next time, goodbye friends.

(That goodbye sounded a little more serious on paper than I had hoped.  I was looking for a passing gesture of momentary separation, perhaps like we were talking at a party and somebody passed between us, breaking the conversation, but only for a moment before we cheerily come back to where we left off.  

Not the teary farewell at the train station where one runs after a train through the bellowing smoke with a hanky waving in the air, trying to savour each curve and angle of the other's face to play in one's imagination until next time.  That was not the send off I was going for.

But perhaps, to ensure this goodbye is the former, and not the latter, and to ensure you think, grow and imagine some more with me, put your email in the box above above above right and join my blog family.  Or, if you have already, find something you really like on my blog and send it to a friend.  After all, the more of us thinking, growing and imagining together, the more fun it is!

Okay, this time I'm saying goodbye for real...

No, you hang up.

No, you do.

Okay, fine then.  We'll do it together.  On three.  1, 2...)

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