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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

'Girl with the Panda Hat' (AKA 'Butterflies and Music') by Daniel Grant Newton

'Girl with the Panda Hat' (AKA 'Butterflies and Music') - Painting by Daniel Grant Newton

Bam! ... kapow!  A new painting for the week, called 'Girl with the Panda Hat'. 

(I dedicate it to you and all my blog readers, because I want the fun and freedom and love for art and connection expressed in the artwork, for you.)

So I was talking with a fellow artist (and multi-location gallery owner) who is looking to display my new work (more on that later if it pans out).  And he was a big fan of my painting 'The Green Fiddler runs through my mind...', particularly because of the movement, spontaneity and creativity.

Unlike my other paintings which had taken planning to execute (e.g. sketched out the idea on a pad, then on the canvas) before attacking the canvas, the green fiddler piece was just attacking the canvas with a very limited plan of attack.  I'd been inspired by an artist, and hurried with the paints and got that inspiration on canvas.

And so was this one.  I also kept it more loose, being more concerned with the feeling and flow than accuracy.  I also didn't take myself away from the paints to document my process with the camera.

Anyway, it was very fun to paint, and I might add some more loose, unplanned eruptions of inspiration into my portfolio.  So watch out.

Peace, love and butterflies to you, your family and your friends,


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