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Thursday, 3 April 2014

New Art: 'The Fire Shaman of London' by Daniel Grant Newton - DGN Productions

Hello friend.  Hope you are good.

Wanted to share with you a new sketch I created called 'The Fire Shaman of London'.  I think there is a collection of art forming here, check out this last sketch I posted.  It is sort of a mystical version of 'steam punk'.

'The Fire Shaman of London' - New Sketch by Daniel Grant Newton
Anyway, this sketch shows a shaman overlooking the 'Great London Fire'.

Talk soon.  Daniel

P.S. While I remember, I will be launching a new website soon for my art and stories soon, and I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE your support.  

Until then however, would be much appreciated if you could head over to my Facebook page and give it some love and press the 'like' button.

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