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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Art piece a day review by Daniel Grant Newton: the first week and a bit

Hey there Shambhalan,

Oh ... my ... goodness.

I have now completed week one and a bit of my art piece a day, and I can tell you, it is harder than I imagined.  Sure, the 'just do a quick drawing, Dan, nobody will notice' excuse has been in my head, but I want to deliver you - one of my favourite people because you follow my blog - the best possible work, and so I can't cheat with a 'that's good enough' drawing.  It's like doing a walk-through cheat in God mode.  That just would not be Zelda of me.

Anyway, here are three digital pieces from my first week and a bit: one spiritual guardian protecting a family from bad spirits, one band rocking the suburbs like Michael Jackson did except that he was talented, and one Goddess of the Ocean overturning a ship like a boss.  You'll notice the Mami Wata piece is a pic I drew back in Haiti, but I coloured it in to look cool and so included it for your visual ecstasy.

All artwork done by Daniel Grant Newton, naturally.  That's me, for those playing at home!

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