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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Great Ideas Spread Like Mating Rabbits ... Just saying.

So today has been just awesome.  I've really been seeing "power to the independents" ... whether they are independent writers, artists, comic book creators, musicians, etc!

The Internet has facilitated artists of all types with different things to say, and different ways to say it.  So big it up people.

No more do we need to buy the same old stuff produced by the big corporations.  Now we can choose to digest work with the highest creative merit from every corner of the world, and not necessarily just the work with supposed 'commercial viability'.

In fact, the world is so big that talented independents who would previously die unnoticed with their awesome work can now be commercial viable.  So cheers to that!

I am sure Van Gogh would not have died today with selling just one piece of artwork and having only one ear.

Anyway, I created an artwork above to celebrate this!  And to celebrate you, my favourite people, who support me and make my dreams of being an artist, comic book creator and writer real!

Peace and long live the Kings of Shambhala.


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