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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Sak Pase friends and citizens of Shambhala!

Today I was thinking about the fun and eye opening time I had in Haiti.  One of the fun things that happened was that we were living in a little place which had a number of families living in very close quarters nearby, and as I couldn't speak much Creole, I decided to draw a few pictures for the children there.

I drew pictures of fairies, dancers, children riding animals and birds (see right - I will perhaps colour this in and post it on my blog some time), gardens, and mermaids - among other things.  Oh, and a whole lot of Dora the Explorers on request!  (Got pretty good at drawing her by the end.)

They all loved the pictures I drew for them, and I loved drawing the pictures for them.  But what I loved more was watching them play with drawings and create conversations with the drawings, as if they were dolls.  Only one of the little girls had a doll I learned later.

They also had someone else write below the drawings (as they were not old enough to write) that it was them that drew the pictures!

If I am the next Picasso, that may have just devalued the pictures substantially!  I kid of course.  Because there is nothing worth more than the fun of a child.

Anyway, in honour of those kids, and all the fantastic people and places I had the pleasure of knowing, I have done a quick art piece below.

That is all for today.  Just wanted to share.  Hope you are having a great day too!  Feel free to post this on your Facebook wall if you like.  Sak pase is a greeting in Haitian Creole.

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