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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Holy News Stories, Hero! Message straight from the Shambhala Cave to your Shambhalan Transmitter

NOTE: "Vegitables" are digital vegetables for those playing at home.
Beep beep beep...

Shambhala Hero, listen up.  The season final of Don't Shoot the Messenger will be posted in two days time.

Holy Ending, Daniel.  I hear you say.  Which is not only a clever reference to Burt Ward's version of Robin, but also perhaps a little bit sacrilegious considering the content of the story.

But do not fear.  A new story is here...

I have decided to release The Last King of Shambhala, chapter by chapter, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (starting next week).  In addition to regular programming, stories and insightful ramblings.

Yes, The Last King of Shambhala is the story that has had top reviewers raving, been rated as one of the best independent books of the year, and had been given approval by this guy.

So join us next week, same bat time, same bat channel.

Oh, and The Last King of Shambhala is still available for pocket money on Amazon, if you want to support your favourite writer's hopes and dreams, or you want to find out what happens ASAP.


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