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Friday, 9 November 2012

Chpt. 15 - Don't Shoot the Messenger (online book written and illustrated by Daniel Grant Newton)

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The merchant with the sunken eyes led his camel through a dark narrow street.  The thin channel of sky between the buildings sparkled with stars.
He paused in his tracks.  The camel snorted and stomped its front feet.
Jude and Irene slinked out from the shadows, dressed in hooded cloaks.
The merchant spoke to the two of them for a few moments, and then took a pouch of gold coins from them.  His face crinkled into a smile, and without taking his eyes off the bag, he patted the soldier on the chest.
Irene turned to Jude.  “Thank you again,” she whispered.  "For everything."
“I'll be back for you as soon as this mess is cleaned up.”  Jude craned his neck to meet Irene's fallen eyes.  “In the meantime, keep safe, and have fun exploring.  This is your world, the world you've studied and loved all your life.”
“It is,” she muttered.  “But you be safe.  I care about you.  Deep down, you are a really good guy.”
"Me too."  He put a hand to the side of her face and pulled her in for a kiss.  “Goodbye.”
She raised a hand, before disappearing into the night with the merchant.  Jude's eyes transfixed on them until he could no longer see their shadows.
Irene fidgeted with the silver rings on her fingers as they pushed through the muddy track toward the edge of the village.  She kept her head down, periodically lifting her vision to keep track of where they were going.
The open desert lay ahead of them, spotted with dry shrubs and a rainbow sky as the first rays of sun perched on the horizon.
Suddenly, a spotted horse galloped towards them, and reared up just in front of them.  On the horse was a bandit covered from head to toe in blue with a Roman short sword by his side.
The merchant raised his shaky, wiry arms, before scampering off back into the village.  As he did, an arrow cut through the air and pierced him through the back.
The old man collapsed dead.
The man in blue signalled to the buildings as if showing Irene she was surrounded.  He then signalled with his short sword for her to get on the horse.  She hesitantly did as he said, and he galloped into the night towards the hills.
Click here for chapter 16 - and ohhhh, it is getting tense so remember to keep tuning in (and subscribe) to find out what happens to Irene, and whether Jude and Irene will save the saviour...
Note from the author that you may well have already read...

Dear Shambhala Hero, can you do something for me?  I am giving this book for free because I think it is a great story (bias I know!) that some people out there would love.  Thing is, I am not sure who they are - well, there's you, my mum, Anabel, my coolest friends that I met in Vietnam, the peeps who have written those nice emails to me, and David Hasselhoff, but that's all I know for sure...  So if you know anyone who would like this book, please send them the trailer or the first chapter.  After all, a great story is only great when it is read.  Thanks.  :-)

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