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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Chpt. 14 - Don't Shoot the Messenger

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“I can't believe Yēšûă is still going to make his speech to the people,” said Jude, pulling Irene by hand through the crowd.  “I don't think he understands the risk.  Spider's team will get their hit even if it means they have to do it in public now.  They’ll make it look like an accident, or like an act of God, or something that will guarantee no chance of martyrdom, but will guarantee they fulfill their objective.”  
Jude kicked a cloud of dirt into the stifling air.  “At least he's agreed to talk tomorrow and not today, to buy us time to deal with Spider.”
The doctor gave Jude a small smile.  “Yēšûă believes the message is more important than his life.  He also believes that he decides when he dies, not another man's hand.  But for us who don't share his faith, Maria and his followers are well versed in your plan.”
“It's a back up plan.”  Jude stopped suddenly.  “Trouble up ahead.  Zhang and Chernova.  We got to go.  Follow me.”
Jude and Irene weaved through the crowd toward a backstreet.  Zhang and Chernova shoved their way in pursuit.
“This way,” Jude yelled as a bullet wizzed past their heads, blasting away a small piece of the wall behind them.  “Run in a zigzag.  There could be snipers perched around the nearby buildings.”
The two ran down a narrow alleyway, and then, half-way down, Jude kicked open a door and they scampered inside.  The two military men in pursuit came skidding around the corner, before sprinting at the door that swung closed.
Jude and Irene fled up the internal stairs to the rooftop.  He motioned for her to hide behind a vase, while he kept low behind the entry to the roof.
After a couple of minutes, Zhang and Chernova crept up the stairs with their guns at their chests.
The distant chattering of bargains being negotiated in the marketplace, the yelps of children playing in the street below, and the whistling wind beating the clothes hung out to dry on the rooftops, all seemed to fade into the background.
“Jude?” Chernova whispered, pointing his pistol at every shadow that moved.  “Where are you, comrade?”
Suddenly, Jude hurled himself at Zhang, pummelling him into a stone wall, and disarming him in the process.  And, before Chernova could react, Jude spun around and kicked his pistol out of his hand.  The gun fell to the street below.
Then Jude threw a hook punch at Chernova, but the agent bashed the attack away with a meaty arm and pushed Jude stumbling backwards.
Chernova thrust a front kick in Jude's face, knocking his head right back, before Zhang launched himself feet first into Jude's back.
Jude collapsed on the floor.
Chernova came down upon Jude with a drop knee, but as he did, a heavy vase was broken over his head.
It was Doctor Hadar.  She winced.  “I hate having to break such a beautiful artefact,” she said to Jude as Chernova tumbled over him.
Zhang went to kick Irene, but Jude blocked the attack with his own leg, before flipping off the ground and striking the ex-SEAL in the face.
They faced off against each other, with Chernova trying to pick himself up off the ground, but inevitably spinning back to the dust.
Zhang threw a series of kung-fu-like straight punches.  Jude dodged the first few, and patted away the last one, countering it with a punch that clocked his opponent right under the nose.
The American staggered back.
But before Jude could follow the punch up, two burly arms grappled Jude and locked up his two arms.  It was Chernova.
Zhang pulled out a butterfly knife and hurtled towards Jude.
Stone kicked the knife out of Zhang's hand with one foot, and drove the other foot into his attacker's chest.  He then lurched backwards and broke Chernova's nose with a reverse head butt.  The large soldier didn't let go of him, despite the blood gushing out of his nose.
Zhang rushed back towards Jude and delivered a thunder of punches into his abdomen, making him hunch over in pain.
Irene, watching the SEAL lay into Jude, drove her foot down on his knee. 
He turned to face her, but as he did, she delivered a perfectly timed elbow across his face that made his head spin back around.  She followed it up with a snap kick to the groin.
Zhang lurched at the doctor, threw her to the ground, and growled, “stay woman.  I'll deal with you after.”
Jude reached around to Chernova's head and ripped at his ear.  The bear of a man let go to grab Jude's arm, but before he did, the Australian delivered a flash of flying fists that sent him stumbling back.
Jude then spun around with a jumping spinning kick that knocked Zhang off his feet, and tumbling off the building.
Chernova grit his teeth.  He pounced on Jude from behind and they smashed against the stone flooring.  He then tried to put Jude into a death lock, however Stone maneuvered out of the hold.
Irene came around with a roundhouse kick to the side of Chernova's head, which toppled him over.  Then, as he was getting up, Jude rolled over and put his neck into a lock.
The big man struggled to break free.  His face turned red, and after an astonishing twenty-six seconds, he lost consciousness.
Jude pushed himself up off the ground and put an arm around Irene.  “Where did you learn to fight like that?  First the punch in the alleyway, now this?”
“I learnt fighting from Arabic knights of the middle ages.  They studied a martial art known as Furūsiyya.  One of my female colleagues and I uncovered a number of scrolls in an underground chamber detailing their ancient fighting techniques, and so we decided to practice every day for five years while working together.  At first it was a bit of fun, but we quickly became addicted.”  
She grinned and began moving to where they had come up.  “I told you on the first day here that I could handle myself.  And you haven't even seen me with a bow and arrow yet.”
Ping!  A bullet basted the sandy roof.
“Sniper, get low,” yelled Jude.  “Downstairs now, and to the back doorway.”

Click here for Chapter 15 - and find out whether Spider's team will eliminate Jude and Irene, or whether his team will successfully take down Jesus Christ... 

Also, can you do something for me?  I am giving this book for free because I think it is a great story (bias I know!) that some people out there would love.  Thing is, I am not sure who they are - well, there's you, my mum and David Hasselhoff, but that's all I know for sure...  So if you know anyone who would like this book, please send them the trailer or the first chapter.  After all, a great story is only great when it is read.  Thanks.  :-)

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