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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Yes, it is time to buy a new calendar (to all my Mayan readers)

On Tuesday, I wrote to the survivors of the Mayan Calendar detailing to them a brief overview of my top 9 articles for 2011.  Now I am recording the articles for 2012.  

Perhaps one day when aliens have colonized this empty dead planet and they want to know about our culture, they will uncover the Internet in a Google Plus Tomb, dust off the ancient sands, and celebrate these masterpieces of human potential.

Goodbye world... until tomorrow when I post the next chapter of The Last King of Shambhala ... survivors, do not forget - a new chapter every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Top 9 Articles of 2012

Don't Shoot the Messenger

An online novel about a group of elite soldiers sent back in time to assassinate an illusive controversial historical figure, thereby making the world a better place.

Breaking Out of the 9-5 Cubicle

My journey in no longer ever working a 9-5 job again, and becoming a full time novelist and comic book artist.

My Michael Jackson Animation

My tribute (with Anabel and Colin) to the greatest performing artist the world has ever seen.

Exclusive Interview with Eirik Lodbrok

Lodbrok is a crazy character in my book The Last King of Shambhala, and he came into my blog to do an interview.  All I would like to say is that I don't want to be held responsible for ANYTHING he said!

Will my video make the new Star Wars movies?

A suggestion to George Lucas and the Cookie Monster.

Is your horse a unicorn?

5 ways to check.

The Greatest Band to never live mockumentary

Have you heard of KB and New Jinny?  No, probably not.  But they won Eurovision twice in the same year. Their music soothed a tiger shark with rabbies.  And they are so underground they can't be found in Wikipedia or a book with glowing pages.

A quirky announcement about my book being awesome

As Will Ferrel says in Anchorman, "I don't know how to put this, but I am kind of a big deal.  People know me." 

Novel Writing Hacks

One of the few times I am serious.  This article gives some great tips on writing YOUR next novel!

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