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Monday, 17 December 2012

Note: This article is not so much for you, or my other blog readers. It is instead more for the survivors of the Mayan apocalypse...

Dear Survivor of the Mayan Apocalypse,

I write this to you three days before the end of the world happened.  Congratulations on surviving.  I'm sorry to hear about everyone else that died as a result of:
ninja zombies 
Facebook going offline 
Two and a Half Men re-runs 
Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez breaking up 

... the events surrounding Mayan calendar ending.

As a result I am taking my last breaths to document some of my blog articles for your historical record.  

The top articles from 2011 are below, those from 2012 I will include in a post on Thursday.  

I hope they help you navigate through this brave new (and presumably volatile) world.

9 Top articles from 2011

The Ninjas of My Blog and the 'About Me' Section

This explains why I do not yet have an about me section.  It also explains how ninjas get their names.

BE the Panda

Why you should "BE the Panda", and what "Panda-hood" means to you.

What if Google Cars was made into a movie?

And what if that Google Car movie got a review?

My secrets to blog success revealed.  I won't give them all away, but the first one is to remember to feed your dinosaur.

Answers questions like, what is an internet troll, how does one feed them, how does one spray themselves with anti-troll repellent.

Don't you hate jokes that rely on stereotypes?  They are so... stereotypical.  And this one makes fun of them.

Some rare lucid thoughts while reading an email on heart attacks.

What is says on the box.

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