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Sunday, 28 June 2015

Spot the Difference - a funky, fun, eye-feast game with my art...

Hey my lovely reader!!  How are you?! :-D

It's been a while since we've chatted, hope you are having a freaky fantastic time and not been missing me too much :-P ... 

(I'm working on some very exciting stuff for you, and so haven't had a chance to say hello on my blog, but don't worry, I'll be a better blog friend).

Below is a 'Spot the Difference' game I created for a magazine out of my art (I did a couple, and if you like it, I'll share another).

See how many differences you can see (there are 10), and then scroll down to see whether you were right :-)

Your blogging friend, Dan

P.S. Feel free to Twitter me, Facebook me or Comment below to tell me how you rocked at this game and how many you spotted correctly.

Spot the Difference Game - Art by Daniel Grant Newton

  1. There is a pot plant
  2. Butterfly on the left is a lot lower in the sky
  3. Crescent moon has gone down and the sun has come up
  4. The water can has changed colour
  5. Flower in her hair has changed colour
  6. Bottom right butterfly has changed colour
  7. There are no clouds in the sky
  8. There are no stars in the sky
  9. Shirt has blue coloured stripes now
  10. Forth line of flowers, 2nd from the left, is not yellow anymore

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