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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Bruce Lee artwork - by Daniel Grant Newton

Boom! Pow! Whack!

Today I have created artwork of my hero, Bruce Lee.

'Bruce Lee' artwork by Daniel Grant Newton
To me, Bruce is the epitome in many ways of what humans can strive for.  

He had the vision to strive for what he wanted, even when to others it seemed impossible ... like becoming one of the biggest Hollywood A-list actors at a time when there wasn't much non-white A-list representation... 

And strive for the vision, even when it must've seemed like everybody around him disapproved ... like marrying a caucasian woman at the height of segregation or teaching martial arts to anyone who wanted to learn, regardless of their race.

He also had the discipline and determination to achieve what he set out to do, including bringing martial arts to the American silver screens, and perfecting his art and his body.

As Bruce Lee showed us, I believe we should all constantly strive to better ourselves and grow in whatever endeavours we pursue, and be true to ourselves no matter what our unhelpful critics say.

So, with that, have a fantastic, inspired week and shine your light as bright as possible!

Your friend,

Daniel Grant Newton

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