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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Battle of the Rising Sun - artwork by Daniel Grant Newton

'Battle of the Rising Sun' by Daniel Grant Newton
Hey friend!! 

I've created a new art piece for you!.. and this one comes with a mystery.

I call it "Battle of the Rising Sun", because the samurai and the warrior depicted are both in the Land of the Rising Sun, and are also literally battling at sunrise. So the name seemed fitting.

Now for the mystery... 

It appears that both warriors could simultaneously have struck the final blow of their combatant, or been dealt their final blow (or a third option, they have both taken each other's lives at the same time).

My question for you today, who do you think has won and who has fallen on the battle field?  And if you are feeling very imaginative, which if you read my blog I hope you are, what do you think the story could be that brought these two together?

I hope you have enjoyed my picture for today, and if you are a Freaky Freaky Fridays fan, watch out for episode 2 of the crossover series with Nik & Mike that will be up on my blog in the coming days!!

Your friend, Daniel :-)

DGN Productions

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