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Monday, 20 April 2015

'Hooded Hero on a Longboat' by Daniel Grant Newton

Hey hey hey!!

I am in love... in love with this new program I found for my iPad called Procreate.  Yes, interesting name I know, but cool program.

Essentially you can use your stylus pen to paint, draw and create, and it is AWE-SOME-NESS.

I'm still getting used to it, mind you the learning curve is not as sharp as I would've expected, but I thought I'd share the very first image I painted after buying the program last night.

'Hooded Hero on a Longboat' by Daniel Grant Newton

This picture is of a hooded hero sailing into the misty unknown on his longboat, sword drawn ready for anything that may lurk ahead, and cape caught in the mysterious wind.

I hope you enjoyed the pic and my over enthusiasm!  And if you are an artist or want to really get into art, do your research because there might be better programs out there, but I do highly highly recommend checking Procreate out as part of that research.

Your friend on the edge of Freaky,


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