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Thursday, 23 April 2015

Freaky Friday News AND a new bit of artwork - a stylised Catwoman sketch

Catwoman fan art by Daniel Grant Newton (DGN Productions)
Hey there!!

Hope you've had a fantastic week and are getting pumped for an awesome weekend.  

Any less and I would be disappointed ;-)

Two things.  First, I wanted to share with you this Catwoman drawing I did this week. And second, I've got some new news (more on that below).

But first, the pic. It is a stylised version of Catwoman, a version that I feel I made my own, but with a touch of inspiration from the comics, and perhaps a sprinkle of inspiration from the Adam West Batman series.  Oh, and a large helping of inspiration from actual real cats.  

That is, the ones that purr, lick themselves and drink milk, not the ones from the cast of an Andrew Lloyd Webber production, or ones that play blues music in a dingy bar.  Although, now that I think of it, I'm not certain the latter two cats do not practice the same activities as the former.

Oh, and as a side note, there's 10 points for anyone who can spot Batman in the pic.

50 Points if you can tell me what Catwoman has to do with Freaky Freaky Fridays.  That one is for the hardcore follower I think!

So what's the big news already.  Tell us, tell us.  (Jeez, alright.  I'm so impatient with myself some times.)  

Well, a Freaky Freaky Fridays Crossover is in the works!!
The Freaky Freaky Fridays and Doctor Who crossover that never happened.

No, not with Doctor Who, although that would be totally cool, but with the very talented and funny artist from Boston, Pebbles, and her zany characters Nik and Mike.

And what an honour it'll be!!

(UPDATE: You can read the crossover now by clicking here. Woot woot!)

You can check out Pebble's artwork and characters here: http://www.pebbsartplayground.com

Anyway, the story and artwork we are creating for you is off ... the ... hook!

But you'll just have to wait, because we are still in production.

In the meantime I'll be sure to share with you cool stuff as it develops.

Your friend Daniel

Daniel Grant Newton
DGN Productions
Twitter: @DGNproductions

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