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Thursday, 28 August 2014

New Paintings for a Trendy Nepalese Restaurant by Daniel Grant Newton (DGN Productions)

Happy Friday or Thursday (depending on where in the world you are), 

Thought I'd write to you and share two new paintings I have created for a trendy new Nepalese Restaurant opening soon.  

I designed these two paintings to face each other on either side of the restaurant.   

The story in my head being that a woman comes before a stone buddha, and when she closes her eyes to pray with her beads, his eyes open and the sky is encompassed in a red glow. As patrons are in the middle of this moment, they are put into this dream-like reality.

Peace and Nirvana,

Daniel :-)

P.S. Speaking about Buddhism and Nirvana, you should check out this spoof news article written by The Onion... Only AFTER having had a look at my paintings below of course, and subscribing by entering your email address above if you haven't already. :-P  

'Stone Buddha' by Daniel Grant Newton

'Nepalese Prayer' by Daniel Grant Newton


  1. The "Stone Buddha" has frightening, piercing, blue eyes.

    1. Thank you. I think to some degree that has become the 'signature' of the paintings, because people keep mentioning it and sticks in the memory, that and the red sky. That said, I might tone them back a little before we hang them in the restaurant.


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