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Thursday, 14 August 2014

Don't Miss Out! Get Your Name On the Waiting List For Daniel Grant Newton's Issue #1 of 'Spies, Lies and Mysteries'

Hey e-buddy, hope your week has been awesome and you are riding high on the #TGIF wave.  Whoa dude!

Hold your magic unicorns though, because if your week has been going well, prepare to have it go even better.

And if it hasn't gone well, prepare for it to get better.

How much better you ask?

Getting to put your name on the waiting list for a free copy of my freakin' awesome comic better.  That's how much!

Click here to see the teaser trailer, and put your name down: http://dgnproduction.com

Daniel Grant Newton

Oh on a cool but side note.  Thank you to everyone who came to the gallery opening on Wednesday and witnessed my artwork.  And for those who couldn't make it, I took a photo for you of the lovely Anabel serenading guests nearby the painting I did for the comic.

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