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Saturday, 28 June 2014

New Painting and Stop Motion Capture Video by Daniel Grant Newton

New Yet-To-Be-Titled Painting by Daniel Grant Newton
Hey there.  

Another blog entry, and guess what???

This is actually my 200th entry. So proud to have broken the 200 mark with my faithful readers.  

If I had a Spartan for every blog entry I wrote, well I'd be 100 Spartans away from taking on Persia. But not really. In reality I'd need a lot more to be historically accurate.

However, I have something better than 200-almost-300 Spartan warriors. I have blog readers - YOU! The very best this planet has to offer. The Justice League + Avengers of my life.

So thank you again for sharing my journey, my dreams and my creations with me. And my jokes that are the most hilarious thing ever said, and that you've ever heard... EVER. Even more funny than Eirik Lodbrok's jokes.

Anyway, next post I will post something a little different to celebrate the big 2-0-0, but in the mean time, I'd like to share with you a new painting I have done (above).

And below I have included a stop animation video of me painting it, to the beats of Voodoo Dred.  Hope you enjoy!

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