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Friday, 20 June 2014

Need a little help for my new comic I am creating...

Hello my faithful fans and friends, I hope you can help me.

I'm reaching out to you, like...

I'm a super villain holding on to the edge of a cliff after we have just done battle, and you are a super hero with Golden Age of Comics morals who cannot let me die despite holding the city, nay the world, nay the universe, ransom with my oversized death ray which is not making up for anything thank you very much.  That sort of reaching out, kind of.

So dear friends.  Don't let me die friends.  Please.  Well... Not literally die mind you, rather creatively die.  Well, not so much 'creatively die', but can you please help me make my comic just that little bit better.

That was so long winded you'd think I was Hugh Grant.  And in a way, aren't we all Hugh Grants inside?

No.  We aren't.

As you no doubt know, I am creating a new comic based on some of the characters appearing in my book The Last King of Shambhala.  In fact, if you are a long time reader, you would know that here and there I've kept you in the loop about my progress.

I started with quite realistic depictions of the characters.  See:

But then quickly moved toward a Tintin inspired look.  See:

And now, I want your input.  Below I've got two versions, one very much inspired by Herge's Tintin (a modern day version without the racism), and one inspired by the version inspired by Herge's Tintin (the one that looks a bit more realistic).

If you could write in the comments, or email me at danielgrantnewton @ gmail . com I would be so so so so appreciative.  So appreciative, I might do something cool and crazy on this blog to show my appreciation.


  1. Love the one on the left - Tintin with character :)

  2. I love Tintin, so I'm going with the right one. This is Aleksandra right?


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