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Monday, 12 May 2014

'Riding an Elephant through the Dreamscape' by Daniel Grant Newton

Hey friend,

Here is a picture I drew in Haiti (and mentioned in a previous blog post), but have now coloured in.  

I have kept the dream feel by mixing semi-realistic with representational, using a vivid yet unusual palette, and creating a fuzzy, surreal, fun energy about it.  

Last night I had a lucid dream which inspired me to go back to this piece and finish it.  

I will be selling a limited number prints of this through a few select vendors, as well as potentially the DGN Productions website we are launching.  Making it available online is really up to the response from my online friends - YOU!


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'Riding an Elephant through the Dreamscape' by Daniel Grant Newton


  1. Loving this dream scape - it's a place I wouldn't mind visiting :)

    1. Thank you, Anabel. Lovely to get a comment from you! Well, perhaps you can go to this dream land if you were to lucid dream. Or find a magic cupboard in your bedroom. Just saying, might be possible. :-)


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