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Friday, 2 August 2013

Superman vs. Batman (Dark Knight)

Hi my favourite blog friend, 

Hope you have been well, or super duper fantastic.  As you will not know unless you are part of the CIA, for the last number of weeks I have been in Haiti, and while I have been working on some interesting ideas, I have not had the internet connection to share them with you.  

As a result, I have scoured the mountainous lands for an illusive internet point, and only now, after climbing to a summit and speaking with a wise blind goat herder, have been able to post (this is utterly completely true except for the part about the climbing the mountain to speak to a wise blind goat herder).  

Anyway, now here we are.  And...  Here is a picture I drew in my pad and taken with my phone.  I will share more when I get back to Canada.

Highest salute!


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