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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Countdown of the Top 20 Cool Music Videos on YouTube

NOTE: This is my 100th post, and as promised, I have something a little different and special for you.  This is the countdown of the top 30 music videos on YouTube - the result of me being on YouTube way too much.  But do not worry.  Regular programming of The Last King of Shambhala will continue on Friday.  But if you cannot wait until then, you can currently get it on Amazon or iTunes for $9.99!

Notable entries that missed the list are in no order: 
  • The Duck Song by forestfire101
  • A song from The Rap News by The Juice Media
  • Newton Faulkner playing percussion on his guitar while covering Teardrop by Massive Attack
  • David Choi covering Telephone by Lady Gaga
  • Harry Potter and the Mysterious Ticking Noise (which you will NEVER EVER get out of your head!)

But without any more delay, here is the top 20, from 20 to 1.

20) Cool Guys Do Not Look Back at Explosions by The Lonely Island

A humorous song that makes fun of every action film that was ever, or will ever, be made.


19) Michael Jackson is a taxi driver

The above might be a bit misleading. It is not the real Michael Jackson, but this taxi driver sings just like him. Mind you, being ESL, he does pronounce some words strangely. But then so did MJ when it suited him.

18) Charlie the Unicorn 1, 2, 3

This is not technically just a song. Instead, it is a unique (read: drug-inspired?) cartoon with very random songs.


17) Take U To Da Movies by Bangs

There is something about Bangs. I do not know what it is. It could be the stock photos that have stock photo written on them. It could be his lyrics that are very descriptive, including detailing his inner dialogue about which chair to choose. Or any number of things. Perhaps you just have to watch it yourself.

16) Oasis Medley by Tripod

Comedy trio uncover the cheekiness of Oasis music.

15) Bromance song

A song about the brotherly love between a guy and another guy.

14) FBI Warning song by Community Channel

A hip hop inspired FBI Warning at the beginning of a video or DVD.

13)  TV Show Medley by Fredde Gredde

What is says on the label. A talented musician interpretting TV show themes in an entertaining medley.

12) Everyday Normal Guy by Jon Lajoie

This is a rap song unlike the usual ones you might hear on the radio. It does not talk about the expensive cars, plethora of sexual partners and gold chains, but the lack thereof. Enjoy!


11) Dramatic Song by Toby Turner

A funny song with a target market for non-English speakers, or those English speakers who enjoy a laugh. After you watch this, feel free to check out the responses from Grandmas around the world. Some are well done, some are less so.

10) In Your Arms by Kina Grannis

Kina deserves a song in this list for the beautiful music she creates, but especially for this video. This online film clip took years of stop animation genius to make. The whole video is made with jelly beans. So, awesome.

9) The Humans are Dead by Flight of the Conchords

Flight of the Conchords are my favourite comedy act. Well, they are at the moment. It always changes. And this is my favourite song of theirs.

8) Somebody that I Used to Know (Gotye) covered by Walk Off the Earth

How could a list about top YouTube videos not include this one. It has well over 100 million views, so enough said.

7) Epic Rap Battles of History

Ever wondered what would happen if you took historical figures, gave them each a mic, and then set them against each other in a rap battle. Here is a sample of their work, but there were quite a few I could have posted instead. Mind you, the words historical figures can be a loose term, and so depending on your belief system and your age, this video might not necessarily featuring real people.

6) Harry Potter Theme Songs by Paint

Did you know all the songs in the Harry Potter movies had words? Well now you are informed. See below.

5) Haters Wanna Be Me by Froggy Fresh (formerly known as Krispy Kreme)

This rapper embodies the adage about being so bad that you are good. I am pretty sure this is a joke, but you never know. I have put one song in the top 25, but I could have put a whole lot more.

4) Schmoyoho and Charlie Sheen - Winning

Schmoyoho are known for autotuning news segments, and making some great songs. In this video they autotune interviews with Charlie Sheen. And yes, Charlie Sheen actually did say these things in a real conversation.

3) Enrique Iglesias - Hero: Literal Version

As far as I can tell, the original version of this has been taken off YouTube. Probably because it was too awesome and YouTube could not handle the awesomeness. It is essentially the film clip of Hero by Enrique Iglesias that has been dubbed to describe exactly what is happening in the video. There are other versions, but this is probably the best one.


2) Schmoyoho and the Bed Intruder Song

This is the second song from Schmoyoho in the charts, and there could have easily been more. This time they autotune a news story with the charismatic Antoine Dodson, who is being interviewed after chasing out an intruder from his home.

1) 4 Chords Song by Axis of Awesome

An Australian comedy trio belt out hit after hit in a hilarious medley, using the same four chords. This makes the top of my list, but if you think I am wrong, about this one or any of the ones above, feel free to tell me so in the comments below. 

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  1. Awesome list. Few I hadn't seen before. What about Nice Guys by the same people who did the Bromance song?

    1. Funny you say that, Edward. I was actually going to put that song in, and there were a few others they did that could've been in there too, but in the end I tried to just give one song per channel/performer. That said I did make an exception for Schmoyoho. But how can one choose between Antoine Dodson and Charlie Sheen and then be able to sleep at night? A question for the ages... Thanks for your comment :-)


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