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Sunday, 14 October 2012

You know you are famous when someone hacks your blog...

Me with some little known celebrity called Robbie Williams ... or a replica of him anyway.  And a replica of me.

To my readers old and new:

There is a saying about making lemons into lemonade.  Well, that was what I was trying to do with the headline above.  Figuratively make lemonade.  Not literally.  I'm not getting into the lemonade business!  The five year old on the corner will always undercut you.

Today, I think - could've been yesterday, my blog was hacked into.  So, I lost all my stats (which as any blogger knows, is like stealing someone's second favourite child!).  Which means I lost the most popular section to your right, and any knowledge of what you guys actually like on my blog.

And worse, someone put some stupid ad at the bottom.  THAT - I am sorry for!  I had no affiliation to the link, and if you saw it, then never buy whatever it was selling.  I deleted it before I looked.  I prefer to do my organ enlargements, Nigerian royalty deals, and Rolex buying via email anyway.

So, I've picked up the pieces and tried to reconstruct the blog the best I can, and turned the page to The Last King of Shambhala 2.0.  But then realised you can't turn pages on the computer.  And then I realised that I have probably been a little too dramatic about all this.  

There are other important things in the world.  Like feeding the children, creating social businesses, curing diseases, and making sure you never leave the milk out on the counter.

Normal programming will commence soon...


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