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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Chpt. 13 - Don't Shoot the Messenger by Daniel Grant Newton (The Free Story currently showing at the best blog near you)

For the previous chapters of Daniel Grant Newton's free time traveling book, Don't Shoot the Messenger, click below:

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“Still on guard?” whispered Irene, a slim silhouette moving toward Jude.  “They won't find us out here.  Especially with the way you hid our tracks.  And even if they did, I don't think they could get to us with the amount of traps you set around the perimeter of this campsite.  You definitely did a thorough job in protecting us.”
“You should be in bed,” Jude stated, peering out into the night.  We’ve got a big day tomorrow, and I need you to be alert.  So don’t argue or I’ll pick you up and put you to bed myself.
“I would go to bed but … to tell you the truth, I am buzzing.  I won’t be able to get to sleep for a while now,” Irene said.  She moved her head to catch Jude's line of vision.  “Yēšûă is an amazing man, you know, especially for his time.  I could've listened to him into all hours of the morning reveal the true meaning of his teachings.  Mystical meanings that are being suppressed in this time, as they are in our time. 
“In his world it is the Jewish Rabbis and Roman Empire suppressing the words of spiritual empowerment.  In our world it is the Vatican and other religious organisations protecting their establishments and control.  I've fought tooth and nail to get access to some of the manuscripts hidden away from the public, but tonight I had the most famous mystic of them all explain the wonders hidden in the Jewish faith.”  She paused and brushed some dirt off Jude's shoulder.  “It might be all a bunch of hocus pocus guru talk, but listening to him, and the message, I know that it's worth it.  We are doing the right thing, Jude.”
Jude straightened his back and grinned.  “Don't go all mystical on me now.  I liked the cynical, sarcastic doctor with the dry humour and quirky style.  Next you’ll be giving me respect.”
Irene gave Jude a half smile, and looked to her feet.  This half smile grew to a full blown grin when she realised she’d forgotten to change the one piece of fashionable clothing she’d ever bought, her Kitty Croquet shoes.  She should’ve been wearing 1st Century sandals, not 21st Century floral flats.
It was unlike her to miss a detail like that.  She mused that perhaps Jude had somehow got to her subconscious before she had an inkling of it. 
“Don't worry, Mr. Stone.  You are stuck with my cynicism, sarcasm and ‘spectacular humour’,” she responded, lifting her chin.
Jude's eyes fixated on Irene.  He traced a scarred hand down the side of her soft face.  “Good.  I like that about you."
The doctor swallowed a lump in her throat.  “I'm pretty sure you don't, because nobody does, it is annoying, and...”  Her voice trailed off.
I do.  I like it.
She tried to speak, but no words came out, so Jude added, "and I like you."
Irene searched Jude's eyes and her breathing quickened.  She shakily pawed at her thick hair.  “We would be terrible together.  Be realistic, Jude, what sort of relationship would we make?  Two polar opposites with nothing in common, excuse the tautology, who don't want, have or like relationships.”
Jude faced back out into the darkness.  “It would put us both in unnecessary danger, too.  Spider, he...”
Irene slowly moved into Jude, their eyes analysing each other.
“So why can't we follow the obvious logic and say good night...”
Jude let a grin fall upon his face, barely visible in the desert night.  With a good night kiss?  And then just leave it at that.
She shook her head.  "Maybe ... a ... handshake ... but ..."
Their heads turned to the side and they kissed.  She cradled his cheeks with her cold ring-clad fingers, and he held her waist against him.

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Hey, by the way, don't know whether you got this message already, but here's what I was hoping you could do for me if you like this book.  I am giving away Don't Shoot the Messenger for free because I think it is a great story (bias I know!) that some people out there would love.  Thing is, I am not sure who they are - well, there's you, my mum and David Hasselhoff, but that's all I know for sure.  So, if you know anyone who would like this book, please send them the trailer or the first chapter.  After all, a great story is only great when it is read.  Thanks.  :-)

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