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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Beep. You Got Voicemail.


You have one new message. Message one.


Hi. I don’t know how to put this.

My name is Oliver Cowan. I need to talk to you.

You don’t know me, but I know you. Umm…

Don’t press delete. Don’t delete the message. Whatever you do, listen to this message right through.

I’m not a weirdo. And no, before you say anything, I’m not stalker either.

I’m from the future.

Message deleted. There are no more messages.

You have two new messages. Message one.


Judy, are you there? It’s Tammy.

I popped around your house today and you weren’t there. Don’t worry about calling back. Just wanted a chat about drama class on Thursday.

Guess I’ll see you then.

Message two.


Um… Hello? Judy?

This is your mother.

Call back.

Your father has been watching the news and we are doing a drive for World Vision.

And we came by your house and the cat looks as though it hasn’t been fed for a few days.


And your second cousin Rachel is in town and would like to catch up. She’s got some exciting news… she’s pregnant. I’m not suppose to tell you that.

End of messages. To delete all messages, press delete.

Messages deleted.

You have four new messages. Message one.


Judy, if you are there pick up the phone.

It’s Oliver Cowan again. I need to talk to you.

I called you the other day and left a message on your voice mail thingy.

And then I came to your place today.

I found it. It was hard to find, but I found it.

And I left my number and a message about your future on a notepad near your phone.

I had to let myself in, this is serious.

Look, I can’t say too much because I think someone might be listening to your messages… but I need to talk to you…

I’ve got to go.

I can’t tell you my number on the phone, but I’ll leave it in the same place if you don’t call back.

Message two.


Judy, you bitch. Why weren’t you at drama class?

And don’t say you were doing yoga because I know you are still smoking and eating takeout, so yoga isn’t an excuse anymore.

I don’t believe your new health façade.

You’re not that good an actor.

So call me next time if you’re not coming, okay?

Oh, by the way, I met a friend of yours at the grocery today. Oliver? I think that was his name.

Pretty cute fella, but a little high strung. He’s been having trouble contacting you too. He said he even went to your place a few times.

Well, I have some exciting news, but I want to tell you in person. So call back as soon as possible.

Oh, it’s Tammy by the way. Your friend Tammy if you’ve forgotten me already.

Message three.


Judy, it’s your mother again.

I called your work to see where you were. I spoke to that strange, plump man you said was interested in you but was married. Derek, is it?

He said you left a note for Terry to say you were leaving. I thought you loved that job.

Anyway, if you want to talk about things, you know who to call.


Oh, and your father says hi.

Message four.

Derek speaking.

You avoiding me or something. Cause like you weren’t at drama class, and you quit work, and your mobile’s switched off.

I thought we were okay.

Your ma called. That’s what got me thinking about you.

I think your ma likes me.

End of messages. To delete all messages, press delete.

Messages deleted.

You have two new messages. Message one.


This is Oliver. Time is running out.

You aren’t at your flat, and from what I can see you haven’t been there for a while.

Your bonsai tree is practically dead. And your cat has found the biscuits and got into them, but looks like she has been living off those biscuits for at least a week.

Look if you get this message, call me. It’s urgent. It’s about your future.

Message two.


Okay, I’m getting really worried.

I know what’s happening in the future. I can only hope you got my note and the course of events have been altered.

You haven’t come home, your work doesn’t know where you went, and neither does your friend Tammy. I met her at the grocery.

Where are you?

I hope they haven’t…

I got to go. Call me on the number I left by your phone.

End of messages. To delete all messages, press delete.

Messages deleted.

You have two new messages. Message one.


Hello this is Constable Steinberg of the Queensland State Police Department. I’m leaving a message for a Judy Southend.

There is no easy way to put this, Judy, but we have found the body of a man floating in the Thomas Creek.


We believe his name was Oliver Cowen, although we are yet to find any records of an Oliver Cowen fitting this description.

I’ve come to your house a number of times, and… well, I haven’t been able to get a hold of you.

Umm… You see...

We found your name and phone number in his jacket pocket. If you could give me a call back on 3356 3244 that would be much appreciated. Do you know this man?

End of messages. To delete all messages, press delete.

Messages deleted.

You have three new messages. Message one.


Where the bloody hell are you, babe? I ran into your friend Oliver again at the Post Office.

He gave me this disc and told me to give it to you if I see you. I had a look at the disc and it is really creepy. I think you should have a look at it.

It has a list of names on it, and yours is one of them. You haven’t joined anything over the Internet or anything have you?

Oh, and your mum and dad have been calling me like every day. I haven’t told them about the list, but your mum has like a sixth sense or something. She knows something is wrong just from talking to me.

She was like, “Tammy, what’s going on? I can hear something in your voice.”

Talk about read between the freakin’ lines.

Anyway, call me back, girl. I haven’t slept. I’m worried sick.

Message two.


Judy, it’s your mother. Call me back when you get this message.

Message three.


Judy, call my mobile. Your dad and I are going out to look for you.

End of messages. To delete all messages, press delete.

Messages deleted.

You have one new message. Message one.


Judy, I took the CD to a friend of mine who is good with computers and got them to decode some of the hidden tech stuff that didn’t come up.

You’ve got to get the hell out of here. Disappear. Change your name and address, and disappear.

Look, I have to be brief, but there are some seriously evil… people… after you.

I’ve got to disappear too now. And so does… my friend.

This is no joke, Judy. Disappear or they’ll take you.

Can’t explain…

And… the less you know the better.

My ride’s here.
I’m sorry I couldn’t say goodbye properly. I love you babe.

End of messages. To delete all messages, press delete.

Messages deleted.

You have one new message. Message one.



No, it said Judy on the…

Hello… Fiona?

I think I might have the wrong number…

Umm… this is the number I have written down for a Fiona Peterson.

This is Steven McCoy from Livingston Real Estate.

The money you transferred through didn’t come in. Could you give me a call back?



Hello, Steven? It’s Fiona.

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