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Monday, 13 June 2011

Something a little bit different... a stereotypical joke

So many jokes rely on silly (read: eye-rolling offensive) stereotypes that do not reflect reality at all and are not funny... which gave me the idea for the joke below... 

An Englishman, a German, an Irishman, a blonde, a rabbi, and a philosopher all walked into a bar.

The Englishman looked carefully at his companions and said, "Great, I'm in a joke aren't I?"

The German held his helmet and yelled, "What is a joke? Can I invade it?"

The Irishman said, "Oh, how stereotypical that a bloody Irishman is in a joke about going into a bar. Seriously, what a surprise. Who thought this joke up, really?"

The blonde looked over and said, "I love jokes. But I always think throwing the shell away is a waste so I use the shell as a hat. A hat for very, very tiny people, like pixies or tiny pixie babies."

The rabbi looked at them all and said, "I wasn't even meant to be here. I was in another joke which I wanted to avoid because it put Jewish people in an unkind light, and now I've walked into another one. What is the meaning of this? Are we all in a joke?"

The philosopher nodded his head and said, "You are both in the joke, and you are the joke."

The Englishman rolled his eyes, "the weather's bloody terrible, our football team is rubbish and overpaid, and now I'm part of a joke. Could the world get any worse?"

The German said, "What is this joke you talk about? I want to watch Eurovision. Is it October yet?"

The Irishman said, "Well, as bad as having me portray the whole country of Ireland as lovable yet intellectually challenged in every joke I've ever been in, the writer of this joke really did write crappy lines for the German that are politically incorrect and have absolutely no baring on the German people whatsoever."

The blonde said, "I love yellow. And Santa and rainbows and candy." She laughed. "Candy's my name."

The rabbi shook his head and groaned, "Mr. Jerry Seinfeld would have done so much better with this joke. He's a good kid. Good family too."

The philosopher smiled and said, "This joke is becoming very post modern."

Finally the Englishman realised that he could in fact change the joke. If he understood that he was in a joke and not real life, he could control the joke. But as the English aren't funny, as soon as he did this the joke ended.

Note: All the stereotypes above are unfounded, but funny because they are so ridiculous.  And I'd like to point out, despite popular belief, the English are indeed very funny.  For proof, check out the following English comedies: Spaced, Coupling, I.T. Crowd, Black Books, The Mighty Boosh.

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