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Thursday, 26 March 2015

Episode #26 (Finale Part One) of Freaky Freaky Fridays (Web Comic) ... by Daniel Grant Newton

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This is me - Daniel
Hello and welcome to the very last Freaky Freaky Fridays episode of the season. It has been an absolute joy bringing this to you weekly, and I hope you enjoy today's epic ending that the season has been building up to...

The Greyness 


Freaky Squad

Coming soon... I will be launching a new webcomic that'll be like ... actually it is a bit hard to describe, but let's say it is like Buffy meets Inception meets Sherlock meets American Gods. Yep, that'll do for now. More details on that to come.

However, if you've been really enjoying Freaky Freaky Fridays, do not worry, it shall return like a Jedi.  And until its Freaky return, I have a whole lot of Freaky Freaky Fridays bonuses, comic shorts and DVD extras for you in store (and by DVD extras, I mean webcomic extras).  

As Friday or Thea might say, "Oh my Freya it'll be awesomeness!"

But for now, I hope you enjoy today's episode which I dedicate to every reader who has told their friends about the comic or shared my work on social media (you peeps are the coolest!!).

Here is Part 1. At the end there will be a link to Part 2.

Your friend in fantasy, Daniel Grant Newton.



Missed last week's episode?  Click here.

Want to go back to the start? Click here.

Want to go to Part 2? Click here.


  1. Far out I will miss Team Friday and the Freaky Squad - thanks so much for an awesome series!

    1. Thanks Anabel :-) ... lots of other cool stuff on its way though! ... and the Freaky show shall return.


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