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Monday, 3 June 2013

'A Fisherman's Tail' pt.3 by Daniel Grant Newton ... You won't believe what happens next!

If you've missed them due to recovering from seasickness, here are parts one and two.

And now for the unbelievable finale to 'A Fisherman's Tail' ...

With a pained gasp, the struggling fish was landed with a heavy thud on the unforgiving dry boards of the jetty.

Grandpa drew out a wickedly gleaming knife from his tackle box.

‘Well Samuel, I think it’s about time we take this fish home to your little mother,’ Grandpa said to his grandson.

Samuel shook his head with a shocked expression and grabbed his grandpa’s shaking hand as it held the knife poised for the killing slice. ‘What are you doing to the fish? What happened to Ethan?’

‘Well, Ethan was turned into a fish, and a willing fish was turned into Ethan. The soldier crabs carried Ethan down the beach and threw him into the sea from this very jetty.’

‘And then what happened?’

‘The fish that became Ethan began enjoying his life as a human, so he vowed to catch Ethan and spent most of his life looking for the fish that was Ethan. If he caught Ethan, then he would never have to return to the sea as a fish.’

Without warning, Samuel grabbed the silver fish in his small determined hands and threw it back into the water.

He smiled triumphantly.

‘Now Ethan can be a human once more,’ said Samuel.

Grandpa swallowed a gasp as he gazed wistfully at the widening ripples. He ran a scaly hand through his silver hair. ‘We have to go,’ he whispered.  ‘Let’s get home before your mother gets worried.’

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