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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Amoretta part three is out and the fans take a well deserved breath of relief as circumstances change in a satisfying manner and... well... just watch it already and stop reading the longest title to ever been given to a blog! Well, there was that blog title of April 4th, 2009, when someone made a ridiculously long title. And perhaps other instances that I cannot recall. But this is still very long and silly. Silly because it is so long. Perhaps the forth longest I've ever read. Actually, after that last sentence, perhaps third longest. Enjoy the video!

The third chapter of Amoretta is the greatest thing you'll ever see. Okay, I lie. It is definitely not the greatest thing you'll ever see. Unless you are blind, suddenly can see for the duration of the video, and then are blind again.

If that is so, I'm sorry. I'm sorry you tasted the unreachable fruit of sight, and it was taken from you. Why you tasted with your eyes I do not know. Or even pretend to know. But you did, and I heard your pain with my nose.

For everyone else, this will not be the greatest thing you ever watch. But it's about love. The love between a wife and husband, a wife and the ghost of a rabbit, the love between you - the viewer - and the subscribe button. (Magical things happen to gullible people when they press the button - try it and see for yourself.)

So it might not be the greatest thing you will ever see - it might be if you fit into above description or are not a typical or normal person - but give it a watch anyway, it is about love. And after all, all you need is love. So perhaps in some way, it will be the greatest thing you ever watch. And if you disagree, then you are supporting everything bad in the world like tornadoes, munchkins that sneeze on people for fun, and blind people who see for only a short while before it is ripped out of their clutches.

Anyway, the link is below. You decide what your thoughts are. You can choose from: a. Awesome, b. Awesome, and c. Awesome.

The link = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=miu_OwP1zig

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