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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

BE the Panda: Escape the herd of mediocrity, and be the rare animal you're meant to be...

Have you ever found yourself asking somebody else, "what should I do?" Or how about, "what do you think about this?" Or even, "do you think it is okay if I...?"

And then you lean in, waiting upon the answer that will determine what you do next.

(I know I did it ALL the time. It was an unconscious addiction. So much so that I was living everybody else's life and could hardly ever make a decision on my own.)

But there's something wrong with this picture? No, not the one above with the pandas... there's plenty wrong with that... but the one with you asking others for their approval.


(Give yourself 5 points and a star on your head if you guessed correctly, and 3 points just because you're reading such a cool blog article.)

The answer is that needing approval equals living by the status quo which equals boring in grayscale which equals not you. If you do the math, asking for approval means you are giving people the opportunity to tell you how to live. And because they cannot imagine the wonder and unique brilliance you'll bring to the world in being yourself (yet - they will soon!), they'll insist you do what everybody else is doing.

And there's only one solution to this equation when you want to do something, don't ask for the opinion of others.

Oh, and on a side note, there is no such thing is status quo anyway, it's a fallacy.

Status quo is like Santa for grown ups. You think it's real, but in the end it's just something people make up to make sure you're acting by their definition of 'good'.

Ask ten people what is normal and you'll get eleven or twelve different answers. You may also get a few strange looks. Believe me, I've tried.

And on yet another side note, if you're not going crazy now, you will if you keep doing what other people want of you... even if you don't recognise why you're going crazy.

I do digress.

So what do you to?...

Be the Panda

Pandas are rare and everyone loves them because they don't pretend to be brown bears. If you stop worrying what other people think, and be yourself ALL the time, the strange thing is, people will LOVE you for it.

Being yourself and following what feels right to YOU is like being the Lady Gaga of every day life. Doing what others want you to do, is like being the Rebecca Black of everyday life - a watered down version of yourself.

But there is much more to being the panda. It will re-connect you to the wisdom of your soul. You'll be more happy, passionate, enthusiastic about life, successful and well-liked. Life will unfold in perfect harmony. This is the power of the way of the panda.

So I want you to say after me (but remember, only if it feels right)...

"I am the Panda. I will do what I feel is right in every situation, and will not compromise myself for the standards and opinions of others. I release any need to be approved in any way, because I am spectacular in my own way and only need my own approval - which I readily give. From today onwards, I pledge allegiance to the way of the panda."

So why do people need to ask for somebody else's approval?

The reason we want to be affirmed in our actions is probably a primitive instinct. The one that keeps us together so we can survive the threat of sabre tooth tigers and start building communities outside of caves.

It once served us, but it doesn't now. It just takes the colour out of life and clubs baby seals. Okay, I may have lied about the baby seal bit, but I didn't lie about the colour bit.

If you want to live the fullness of life, and be the best person you can be, then listening to others whining and giving their two cents won't get you there. And remember, if you want to be more than those around you in the mindless heard, you need to think differently to those around you.

The panda never lies

This is an important element for the way of the panda. You cannot pretend to be unique and rebellious, but really be following a sub-culture that fakes panda-um. And you shouldn't be different for the sake of being different. Listen to the inner panda.

So what is inner panda (or inner guidance)?

Great question. Love to see your proactive questioning. Star on forehead there!

Inner guidance is your gut feelings. If you ask yourself, does this feel right, and it does, then go forth. If it doesn't feel right, then don't go forth - your inner panda is saying no go.

So perhaps it is not the act of listening to someone's advice that goes against Tao of Panda, but implementing said advice into your life when it doesn't feel right or takes you away from your true self.

It is that easy, but it should be a moment by moment practice. If you do that, you'll be absolutely amazed at the results. As I said, you'll be happier, more successful, and have better relationships with those around you. And you'll be more confident because you'll know people love you for you!

Now go forth my little panda cubs and cubbettes!

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