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Online Books and Stories from Daniel Grant Newton

The Something That Fell From The Sky
A short story about something that fell from the sky and is absorbed into a daisy flower, accompanied by a drawing I did of Death riding a cow through the countryside.

Freak Freaky Fridays
The crazy fantastical adventures of two room mates and a cyclops in an epic web comic. It is a new genre I christened 'Phantasmagorical Punk'.

If you'd like to skip ahead to the 2nd story arc, click here.

Spies, Lies and Mysteries
Get on the waiting list for issue #1 of the highly anticipated 'Spies, Lies and Mysteries'. 

This comic series has been described by reviewers as "like nothing I've ever read before", and a story that "had me thinking for weeks after I read it".

Don't Shoot the Messenger
An online novel that explores time travel and philosophy, while providing a good deal of mystery, romance and action. 

The Last King of Shambhala
A man is found in Nepal with no memory, and so he reads a book that combines three interweaving stories steeped in mythology, mysticism and magic with the promise that it will reveal his true identity.

This is what one book reviewer wrote in their article:

"The characters are loveable, and real, and I just kept turning the pages, long after I should have gone to bed. The story rolls along, pulling you with it. And far too soon it's over."

A Fisherman's Tail
A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, when everyone else at university was writing short stories about sex and drugs, I wrote one about talking animals and respecting the natural world.  This is that story, finally shared outside the dark, laughing walls of my classroom.

Silent Christmas Comic Strip
A Christmas short tale like nothing you have ever read before.  Unless you have already seen this comic.  In which case, it will be exactly like something you have read before.

Dainty Green Tree Frog Man
What if a character like Batman or Spiderman lived in your little city ... and they were rubbish?  This book explores that, using Brisbane, Australia, as the backdrop.

The Ninjas of My Blog
The story of why I don't yet have a real about me section.

Beep! You Got Voicemail
An off-the-wall short story made completely of voice mail messages.

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