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About Dan

About Me in Pictures: The Story of a Word-Weaver, Picture-Maker

Note: Pictures tell a thousand words, so this is a very long About page going by that logic.

I may be an alien who came to Earth for Truth, Justice… and to fill the world with the best stories and art I could.

If so, my rocket crashed in Australia, the land of the best beaches (I’m sorry other beach countries), and as soon as I stepped out I got drawing and making up stories.

But oh no though, dun dun dun… I couldn’t read or write like the other kids.  Must’ve been because I was an alien and was still getting used to human language.  So I had to see a specialist while I went to school. 

In the meantime I drew ninja turtles, dinosaurs, pirates and ninjas, waiting for the ability to put words to the stories fluttering in my head.  Eventually the words came, and so my notepads began filling up with words.

The land of the best beaches was awesome, but I packed my bags so that I could see what the rest of the world was creating: 

Europe had amazing galleries and museums for the old masters (the Mona Lisa says hi)...

Toronto had hustle and bustle, it was a global art hub, and I was employed to make comics...

Asia had temples and ancient works that were A-MAZING...

And in Haiti they painted every corner, nook and cranny in colour...

Yes, that "Tap Tap" bus has Bieber Fever.
Oh and I published a novel on Amazon that people said kind words about and began selling my art to collectors.

Now I am sharing on this blog what I love to do most, creating weird stuff.  Weird stuff I used to create just for me while I grew up and then while I traveled.  

Here's a snake drinking spilt beer.

Interesting thing is, some funky people out there like what I do, and make me feel less like an alien.  Maybe they are aliens too.

This blog is sort of a creative diary filled with my crazy art, comics and stories.  But now I’m creating it for you too, you cool cat.

If you would like to hear about the first four years of my blogging journey, click here.

If you would like to read my penultimate, crazy, failed attempt at writing an About page, click here.


1. You can subscribe to my online creative diary and get on the waiting list for a free comic of mine by clicking here.

2. You can work with me on a creative project, your magazine or business, or commission me to create something cool for you by emailing danielgrantnewton (AT) gmail (DOT) com 

It may not be the cheapest chips on the beachfront, but it’ll be awesomeness, fun and make you stand out from the class like the naughty but funny kid at school - provided he wasn’t a bully, because bullies are scientifically-proven to suck big time.  I’m the opposite of a bully and sucking big time.

3. You can see my failed attempt at an About page here.  

It doesn’t read like an About page.  I’m not sure what it actually is, but I have to feed it every now and then, and I can’t look it in the eye or it’ll bite.

4. You can take a look around at the stuff inside my head that I love sharing with you. I've got my brand of strange comics, stories and art - you'll love them because you're awesome (... this presumption is scientifically based on the fact you're on this website, and the astrological alignment of the stars with Jupiter, and how the rune stones fell in my tea leaves this morning - I almost choked on a rune stone though when I sat down to drink my tea).

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